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My dear friend Lisi is getting married on this saturday so recently together with the rest of the jie mei & her good friends, we organized a hen’s party for her =)

It’s my first time attending a hen’s party even though it’s the 4th time for me to be a jie mei. So i was quite looking forward to it. Haha!

Anyway there will be quite a lot of pictures so happy viewing!


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All of us met for dinner first @ TCC which was very near to our venue for the hen’s party… Just about 2-3 units away!

I tried this new item “Curry Beef Spaghetti” which is really yummy! Beef was very tender & they fried it well + the curry taste in the sauce = heavenly! =)  Maybe i was hungry too but it’s really not bad… Worth trying!

By the way, you can change it to chicken too if you don’t take beef. But it may be quite spicy (it’s ok for me though) so for those who don’t take spicy food, please take note.


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After dinner, we proceed on to Oohtique to start Lisi hen’s party =)

None of us has been here before so we didn’t know what to expect. Hee!

And we start to play around with the props & took lots of pictures.

By the way, a costume was provided by Oohtique for the bride to be!


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It was lots of fun with the games & forfeits to be done by the losing team (but the bride has to do more).

The rest were super ON too…. Having crazy fun with silly poses with the range of props & there were lots of laughter. I warm up slowly cause partly i’m not very familiar with most of them. Hee! But the awkward feeling was over very soon… =)

All of us also had a good chat with a drink (it’s included in the package) when we were resting. It was nice to hang out with the girls like this!


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That night was also a special night for Huimei as we were going to celebrate her birthday too!!

Susan & Joey got cakes from Rive Gauche & went to Oohtique earlier to put it first. Look @ Huimei happy face!


Lisi hen's party

All of us had a very enjoyable night @ Oohtique & i hope Lisi had a memorable night. But there’s more to come @ the later part =)

By the way, Michelle (the lady squatting down on the left) was a very good host for that night.


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We shared the cakes together & after we are done, we start to prepare & doll up a bit to proceed on to our next venue. Lisi changed back to her pink dress & we put on the pink fairy wings & tiara for her. The rest of us attached either a gold or silver hat to our hair =)



As each of us are entitled to $25 credit, all of us chose something for ourselves before we leave Oohtique. You can get anything from the shop – lingerie, sex toys, jewellery, etc. If it exceed $25, just top up the balance.

  • Oohtique
  • 50A Circular Road
  • Boat Quay
  • Singapore 049405
  • Tel: 6557 0469



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We walked to The Pump Room for the next round & we prepared some dares for Lisi.

Just nice we bump into another group of girls who were having a hen’s party too. I even bought a condom from the “Hen” for $2 cause there’s one of her dares. Hee!


page 11

It was quite a lot of fun to make Lisi do the dares. When were in Pump Room, there was this group of guys who kept offering to help Lisi do some of the dares. Wahahahaha!! Damn funny…. Suppose to get different people do the dares mah! =)



But no matter how you celebrate a friend hen’s party, it always fun with a group of friends who are really happy for the bride to be. Just relax & have an enjoyable night with everyone.

Now shall count down to Saturday for the Big Day! =)


Recently was the Hari Raya Puasa public holiday & that night my dad gave everyone a treat @ Peng Catering Services Restaurant. He came to this restaurant recently with his friends & he likes it.

He intends to hold my grandma birthday celebration this year @ this restaurant so he thought it be a good idea to let everyone try out the food & see if my grandma likes it (this is the most important factor!).

We used to go to Jumbo @ Serangoon Gardens Country Club but it’s closing down soon so i’m glad my dad found Peng Restaurant. And it’s near for everyone so it’s very convenient.

Too bad my 2 cousins Wayne & Andy didn’t come. Hope you guys can make it for the next one yah! =)



The interior – It’s simple & has this traditional layout of a typical olden days chinese restaurant.


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In this picture are Braised Beancurd, Steamed Fish & “Fan Shu Ye”. Both the braised beancurd & fish are really nice… Beancurd is smooth & fish is very fresh! The “Fan Shu Ye” is not too bad but it taste better when it’s hot.



I always like the first dish as there’s a variety of everything & i like all!! Haha =)  I can see all my cousins like it too.



Braised Goose Meat – Not too bad but portion of goose meat is not a lot. Underneath the goose meat is beancurd & goes well with the sauce =)



This is the most interesting dish for that night! Haha… Everyone was guessing what is this?? It’s actually Fried Kway Teow! I myself enjoyed this a lot.

May taste a bit salty but i thought as Kway Teow itself is bland so it create more taste. And the outer layer is crispy! Nice…



The “Kong Ba Bao” @ Ah Peng is good in my opinion. Enought fatty meat aka “Bui Ba”! =)   And it’s quite a big slice…. Shiok! 


page 3

Seems like most of the times we will always order the Chilli Crabs & that night was no exception! The overall taste is not bad but i thought the texture of the sauce is a little bit watery… But there was lots of meat in the pincers part (my favourite). Yummy…. And pair it with Man Tou! It’s just Wow…. =)

Seeing the crabs makes me think of Melben @ AMK… Super love the claypot crabs, chilli crabs… OMG…. Jus bring out all the crab dishes!



The “Orh Nee” was really good! Most of us who love this dish really enjoyed it. 

Anyway all of us were so full after the 9 course dinner! Haha… Glad everyone like the food. It’s always nice to enjoy nice food with loved ones.

Can’t wait for my grandma’s birthday celebration to come but first i be busy during the month of October with weddings , birthdays & baby shower!

Look out for my updates!

P.S: I was told by my dad that there will be 30% off if you dine @ the restaurant during the weekdays.


  • Peng Catering Services Restaurant
  • 30 Lorong 1 Realty Park
  • S’pore 536953
  • Tel: 6289 6975 / 6282 1048
  • Closed on Thursday except Public Holidays

I remember that it was just about 1 year plus ago, i went to visit Magdelene & her baby girl Sarah.

I was asking her when she want to have a 2nd child & she told me “Not so soon!”. Well sometime you can’t be too certain =)



This is Baby Sean! Isn’t he gorgeous!! =)

I was telling Magdelene that Sean also look quite a lot like his dad, just like Sarah! Hee….


page 1

And here is dear Sarah posing for my camera! She’s already 1 year & 3 months old. Definitely getting active @ this stage… Likes playing with her toys & i was having fun with her but too bad, it’s only a short while.

I had to leave already cause i got another appointment with my friends for Lisi’s bachelorette party & Huimei’s birthday celebration.

But i’m seeing Magdelene & her 2 precious little ones soon – it’s going to be Sean’s 1st month celebration!! =)


Earlier on i did write a post regarding my cousin Yiqi who has set up  Choose , Singapore’s first eco-store with his friend Stuart.

They were also featured on greenkampong.com & Lianhe Zaobao Sunday.

So on monday (Hari Raya Puasa public holiday), i went to Yiqi’s shop with my parents to take a look. My 小姑 & her hubby also came to join us later =)



I saw this when i was walking up the stairs to the shop. Interesting yah!



The interior of the shop. Simple layout but everything is arranged neatly & displayed accordingly to different categories.




So if you’re looking for greener alternatives but you have no idea how to start, you can get lots of infomation & help @ Choose!



I was attracted to ths range of bags & i managed to get something that i like! Thanks to my dad who got it for me =)



My brother was telling me about this after he came back from Yiqi’s shop. This seems really good! Worth trying =) 

We were joking that we can perhaps start a laundry shop using this product! Hee….



Look…. They even got these!! Yiqi gave me a sample to try. Haha!

And there’s more!



All these are made by a community project that reuse pallet packaging materials.




I only drink sugar cane juice but i didn’t know it can be recycled in this way.


page 1 

They have quite a good range of products so i’m sure you will find something that you like.



Since my dad got a bag for me, i decide to get a baby romper that’s made with 100% organic cotton for Magdelene’s baby boy Sean =)  His baby shower’s party is coming soon so it be a perfect gift!

By the way, Choose now have this Bikepark program.

“Ever wanted to cycle to work but don’t know where to park?

Office doesn’t have showers?

Cycling to work just got easier

Our Bikepark is now open. We offer secured parking, showers and lockers so you have even less excuses to not cycle to work!

Our fees are as follows – Daily Rate: $5 , Monthly Rate: $60

Still unsure if you want to cycle to work? First-time users get to use our facilities for free!

We open our parking from 7am to 8pm but call one day in advance to let us know you are coming!

This sounds really awesome so if you care keen, do call them up for more details.

So if you want to play a part for the environment, you can start from here!

  • 26A Sago Street
  • S’pore 059021
  • Tel: 6323 0651
  • Open daily from 10am to 8pm


By the way, they are on Facebook too! Just search for CHOOSE. by Olive Ventures & join their group =)

Usually i tried to meet up with my bestie @ least once a month for a meal but this time 2 months has passed since our last meet up in July after our dinner @ Jaan.

So i was really looking forward to see her & Penelopy! =)

Phylicia’s brother came to pick me up & we went to Cathay. While Phylicia’s mum & brother went to watch a movie, we had our lunch @ Nihon Mura.

page 1

We ordered all these to share – Salmon Belly Soup, Chawamushi (we each had 1) & Potato Koroke.

It was quite nice to chat with Phylicia but Penelopy was kind of naughty & couldn’t sit still on the chair! *headache*


page 2

Look @ her! She kept playing with the toothpicks & end up throwing it on the floor =_=  Then she was crying so loudly when Phylicia scold her & beat her hands. *Bei Tahan*

Anyway after our lunch, we proceed on to Starbucks for our favourite drink!

page 3

Both of us like the Green Tea Latte very much =)  This time i also ordered a Lava Cake to share! Even though i requested them to warm it up but it’s not warm @ all. But taste is alright & look @ the amount of chocolate oozing out.

By the time we are done @ Starbucks, Phylicia’s mum & brother has also finish watching the movie already. So after they grab a quick lunch, we went back to Phylicia’s mum place.

page 4

As usual, i like to take pictures for Penelopy whenever i can! And here she is busy running over the house & garden. Haha!

And did you see the small packet of Milo tha she was holding! I really never notice such small packaging for Milo @ the supermarket. Such a cute size!

Anyway i managed to have a good rest as i was feeling a bit sleepy. I’m really glad that i’m on good terms with Phylicia’s whole family =)  Whenever i’m @ their place, i won’t feel awkward @ all & always enjoyed my visits to their place.

When it comes to dinner time, we went to Pow Sing for chicken rice. I usually eat more rice only if there are my favourite dishes but when it comes to chicken rice, i super love it =)  Yummy…. And pair it with the nice moist chicken meat + chilli sauce! OMG! Hee… There was also other yummy dishes!

After dinner (thanks to Phy’s mum for the treat), we went to Dessert Bowl. Phy’s dad & brother didn’t join us as they were full already.

And i treated them to dessert! Saw Phy shared this Durian with Glutinous Rice with her mum. Looks really good! Will try that on my next visit.


This is my favourite picture of Penelopy which i took on that day. I like how she pose in this picture (love the background too). 

And the night didn’t end just like this. We went back to Phy’s mum house to rest a while & let Kenny take something & then off we went to Fullerton Hotel!

But Kenny got something to do so Phy & i went to walk around @ One Fullerton first.


It’s been a REALLY LONG TIME since i last came to this area! Haha. Anyway it was nice to take a stroll on such a nice cooling night while i chat with Phylicia.

Love the view that i saw on that night! And i was attracted to this place called Jing as they have this outdoor sitting area & the huge cushion seats looks so inviting. I would love to go back to relax with a nice drink & enjoy the breeze & view!

Can’t wait for the Integrated Resort to be completed… I’m sure the view will be even nicer! =)

Anyway i’m glad when we got Kenny’s call cause that means we are going over to Fullerton Hotel for a drink!

page 5

Here we are @ The Courtyard to have a nice chill out session! It was awesome! =)  Nice quiet environment & it was @ this time that i really get to have a nice chat with Phylicia! And thank god that Penelopy was alseep @ this moment too…. Haha!


Look @ the spread! We had this prawn snack (love the sauce too which has a slight ginger taste). The fries goes really well with the mayonaise sauce (not sure what else they mixed in but it’s makes the mayonaise sauce very nice).

Reminds me of the days @ Alley Bar where Phylicia & i like to order fries to enjoy with our drinks!



The very lovely couple! Thanks to Kenny for the treat =)  And all the best in your new job, get more pay raise so i can get more treats from you hor! Haha.



And how can i not take a picture with my bestie! =)

By the way, for those who like nice packaging for your mooncakes, can consider Fullerton Hotel. No picture to show but it’s really nicely packed with this jade detail. Very exquisite & perfect as a gift to someone =)



All these lovely snacks are from Ivy (pink one from her recent HK trip) & Phylicia (colourful one from her recent Tokyo trip).

What a great way to end my weekend!! Thanks =)

It’s time for my monthly high tea session with Christina & Ivy & this time we decide to go to Rose Veranda @ Shangri-La.



It’s my first time @ Rose Veranda so i don’t know how it looks like before renovation. But i like the whole area =)  I like how they spaced out the whole area… Enough privacy for chatting with my friends.



The price is really reasonable after 15% off with UOB card & you get to choose from 102 kinds of teas & it’s unlimted =)  The staff were really nice & friendly when i asked for recommendation.



This is such a nice matching set! And i managed to try 2 kinds of tea – green tea & earl grey & it’s nice good quality tea…. Goes well with the food!

Initially wanted to try out something fruity towards the end of the high tea but i was really full already.


Now let me show you the dessert spread!


I’m always happy whenever i see chocolate fondue cause i’m a chocolate lover & i’m glad to see that they have a good range of chocolate desserts! =)




I really love the dessert spread! There’s a good range of everything & i’m sure you will find something that you like =)  From ice cream, scones, cakes & many others!



This is the area where you get the rest of the food.






Looking @ all these pictures makes me feel like going back to Rose Veranda for their high tea again. The savoury food range is pretty good & i managed to try a bit of almost everything.

When you are trying the desserts, you have to try out the cream brulee! It’s really good.

And do try out this dessert with lemongrass in it (can’t remember the full name but you can see it in my picture, refer to the one with chocolate bits on top). It’s very interesting cause it has this nice lemongrass flavour in it but the taste is not too overwhelming.

I wanted to try more desserts but my tummy couldn’t take it already. But it’s ok… I’ll be back to try out the rest!


page 1


The 3 of us really had a very enjoyable afternoon & i’m really glad that you girls take the effort to meet up & i always have a wonderful time chatting with the both of you =)  Can’t wait for our next high tea + Christina’s birthday celebration! It’s all happening next month.

 For high tea, i strongly recommend Rose Veranda @ Shangri-La! I’m very satisfied with the range of food & desserts, ambience & the service. Plus the 15% off with UOB credit cards, it’s enough to attract me back ANYTIME!!

  • The Rose Veranda @ Shangri-La Hotel
  • Mezzanine Level, Tower Wing
  • Tel: 6213 4486


I’ve always wanted to go to Senso but somehow either i forget about it or have planned another venue already.

Finally i’m glad i’ve arranged to meet up with Wenhui for dinner @ Senso =)



You can see part of the interior from this picture.

The ambience is really nice! You can choose indoor or outdoor seats & i really like the whole decor =)  I wanted to take pictures when i reach as it was empty cause we were early. Then i forgot & by the time i remember, the whole place was packed with customers already & i felt a bit embarrassed to take pictures. Business was good!



Our complimentry bread. Usually i like having bread before the meal starts & the ones here are nice & warm enough to enjoy with the oilve oil. The ones in stick form is quite interesting too but i enjoyed the bread more.



Complimentry appetizer! I’m not good @ remembering the name or description but this taste pretty alright.



page 1

We opt for “Ravioli filled with veal served in porcini cream and white truffle-scented sauce” & “Linguine pasta with live lobster served with bisque and marjoram sauce”!

And they were so nice to separate into 2 portions for us so we get to try both! And they did this without us requesting for it. Very considerate & it really brighten up my mood to start my dinner =)

Both are really nice – it suits my taste lah. But if i must choose, i’ll choose the Lobster Linguine. Lobster is fresh & the linguine really absorbs the flavour of the sauce well =) 

For the Ravioli, it’s more towards the creamy side for the sauce but it taste nice with the porcini cream and white truffle-scented sauce.



It’s time for dessert & we decide to share the Tiramisu.

Anyway something funny happened! Haha… They serve us 2 Tiramisu & i told them i only order 1 portion. And a while later, they came back with the other portion of Tiramisu & said it meant for us as they divide into 2 portions for us to enjoy.

And again… We didn’t request for it! It didn’t occur to me @ all that they will do this for our dessert too =)



I’m not really sure how a good Tiramisu should taste like. I find the one @ Senso quite light & it’s nice to enjoy it after dinner =)

Anyway i’m a happy customer @ Senso. From the ambience , the service to the food, it was great!

I strongly recommend this place for Italian food & i’ll definitely be back to try out the other items on the menu =)

Senso Ristorante & Bar
21 Club Street
Singapore 069410
Tel : 6224 3534



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