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Senso Ristorante & Bar

Posted on: September 14, 2009

I’ve always wanted to go to Senso but somehow either i forget about it or have planned another venue already.

Finally i’m glad i’ve arranged to meet up with Wenhui for dinner @ Senso =)



You can see part of the interior from this picture.

The ambience is really nice! You can choose indoor or outdoor seats & i really like the whole decor =)  I wanted to take pictures when i reach as it was empty cause we were early. Then i forgot & by the time i remember, the whole place was packed with customers already & i felt a bit embarrassed to take pictures. Business was good!



Our complimentry bread. Usually i like having bread before the meal starts & the ones here are nice & warm enough to enjoy with the oilve oil. The ones in stick form is quite interesting too but i enjoyed the bread more.



Complimentry appetizer! I’m not good @ remembering the name or description but this taste pretty alright.



page 1

We opt for “Ravioli filled with veal served in porcini cream and white truffle-scented sauce” & “Linguine pasta with live lobster served with bisque and marjoram sauce”!

And they were so nice to separate into 2 portions for us so we get to try both! And they did this without us requesting for it. Very considerate & it really brighten up my mood to start my dinner =)

Both are really nice – it suits my taste lah. But if i must choose, i’ll choose the Lobster Linguine. Lobster is fresh & the linguine really absorbs the flavour of the sauce well =) 

For the Ravioli, it’s more towards the creamy side for the sauce but it taste nice with the porcini cream and white truffle-scented sauce.



It’s time for dessert & we decide to share the Tiramisu.

Anyway something funny happened! Haha… They serve us 2 Tiramisu & i told them i only order 1 portion. And a while later, they came back with the other portion of Tiramisu & said it meant for us as they divide into 2 portions for us to enjoy.

And again… We didn’t request for it! It didn’t occur to me @ all that they will do this for our dessert too =)



I’m not really sure how a good Tiramisu should taste like. I find the one @ Senso quite light & it’s nice to enjoy it after dinner =)

Anyway i’m a happy customer @ Senso. From the ambience , the service to the food, it was great!

I strongly recommend this place for Italian food & i’ll definitely be back to try out the other items on the menu =)

Senso Ristorante & Bar
21 Club Street
Singapore 069410
Tel : 6224 3534



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