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High Tea @ Rose Veranda, Shangri-La

Posted on: September 15, 2009

It’s time for my monthly high tea session with Christina & Ivy & this time we decide to go to Rose Veranda @ Shangri-La.



It’s my first time @ Rose Veranda so i don’t know how it looks like before renovation. But i like the whole area =)  I like how they spaced out the whole area… Enough privacy for chatting with my friends.



The price is really reasonable after 15% off with UOB card & you get to choose from 102 kinds of teas & it’s unlimted =)  The staff were really nice & friendly when i asked for recommendation.



This is such a nice matching set! And i managed to try 2 kinds of tea – green tea & earl grey & it’s nice good quality tea…. Goes well with the food!

Initially wanted to try out something fruity towards the end of the high tea but i was really full already.


Now let me show you the dessert spread!


I’m always happy whenever i see chocolate fondue cause i’m a chocolate lover & i’m glad to see that they have a good range of chocolate desserts! =)




I really love the dessert spread! There’s a good range of everything & i’m sure you will find something that you like =)  From ice cream, scones, cakes & many others!



This is the area where you get the rest of the food.






Looking @ all these pictures makes me feel like going back to Rose Veranda for their high tea again. The savoury food range is pretty good & i managed to try a bit of almost everything.

When you are trying the desserts, you have to try out the cream brulee! It’s really good.

And do try out this dessert with lemongrass in it (can’t remember the full name but you can see it in my picture, refer to the one with chocolate bits on top). It’s very interesting cause it has this nice lemongrass flavour in it but the taste is not too overwhelming.

I wanted to try more desserts but my tummy couldn’t take it already. But it’s ok… I’ll be back to try out the rest!


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The 3 of us really had a very enjoyable afternoon & i’m really glad that you girls take the effort to meet up & i always have a wonderful time chatting with the both of you =)  Can’t wait for our next high tea + Christina’s birthday celebration! It’s all happening next month.

 For high tea, i strongly recommend Rose Veranda @ Shangri-La! I’m very satisfied with the range of food & desserts, ambience & the service. Plus the 15% off with UOB credit cards, it’s enough to attract me back ANYTIME!!

  • The Rose Veranda @ Shangri-La Hotel
  • Mezzanine Level, Tower Wing
  • Tel: 6213 4486



8 Responses to "High Tea @ Rose Veranda, Shangri-La"

Hi June!!!

Thanks for putting up the pics! Everytime i look at our pics so happy and getting hungry again. Looking forward to our next Hi-tea session. Think my BDAY i’ve decided on Hi-tea. Lotsa food and desserts and longer hours. What do you think? Would you like to try another hotel? 🙂 Heehee, my bday treat for you and my sis !!!

Btw i finally made a badge you were suggesting, below is the code,

Only put it if do think it’s okie and matches your blog. Paiseh leh..let me know what you think?:) Thanks!!!

Hi my dear friend =)

Thanks to you & your sister for always taking the effort to meet up! I always look forward to our makan cum catch up session…. Hee!

And please ah… It be a treat from me & your sister! =) Why you treat us leh! It’s your birthday lah!! =) There’s still time to choose a venue so take your time & we can discuss together.

By the way, i’ve added the badge to my blog already but didn’t show anything. Is the link correct?

Heehee..Thanks so much in advance!!! 🙂 Yup, i’ll consider the options then we can when you are free after your frens’ wedding. No rush!!

For the badge, erm, maybe you can copy the link from my blog instead? Hope it works… 🙂

Don’t mention =) I’m sure we will have a great time & i can’t wait for that day to come!! Hee.

By the way, now the badge is on my blog. I think the first link you gave me was not complete cause the link i got from your blog was much longer. Haha! But never mind… It works now! Yeah… =)

Hi June, I was just surfing the net looking for food blogs and the craziest thing happened – I actually know someone in your blog! Could you drop a hello to Ivy for me? Just tell her Terence from Bedok View Pri 6N/3 says hi! Haven’t heard from her since our last class reunion a while back so was just wondering how she is. I’m also on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/terence.ns.koh?ref=fs

Thanks so much for your help! Hope to hear from you, Ivy! Ha! Wat are the chances of this kind of thing happening? Amazing!

Hi Terence =) I’ll pass your msg to Ivy. Hee! It’s really a small world yah…

By the way, did you manage to find what you want on my blog? =)

Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

Thanks for the compliment & encouragement =)

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