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Meet Up With My Bestie

Posted on: September 17, 2009

Usually i tried to meet up with my bestie @ least once a month for a meal but this time 2 months has passed since our last meet up in July after our dinner @ Jaan.

So i was really looking forward to see her & Penelopy! =)

Phylicia’s brother came to pick me up & we went to Cathay. While Phylicia’s mum & brother went to watch a movie, we had our lunch @ Nihon Mura.

page 1

We ordered all these to share – Salmon Belly Soup, Chawamushi (we each had 1) & Potato Koroke.

It was quite nice to chat with Phylicia but Penelopy was kind of naughty & couldn’t sit still on the chair! *headache*


page 2

Look @ her! She kept playing with the toothpicks & end up throwing it on the floor =_=  Then she was crying so loudly when Phylicia scold her & beat her hands. *Bei Tahan*

Anyway after our lunch, we proceed on to Starbucks for our favourite drink!

page 3

Both of us like the Green Tea Latte very much =)  This time i also ordered a Lava Cake to share! Even though i requested them to warm it up but it’s not warm @ all. But taste is alright & look @ the amount of chocolate oozing out.

By the time we are done @ Starbucks, Phylicia’s mum & brother has also finish watching the movie already. So after they grab a quick lunch, we went back to Phylicia’s mum place.

page 4

As usual, i like to take pictures for Penelopy whenever i can! And here she is busy running over the house & garden. Haha!

And did you see the small packet of Milo tha she was holding! I really never notice such small packaging for Milo @ the supermarket. Such a cute size!

Anyway i managed to have a good rest as i was feeling a bit sleepy. I’m really glad that i’m on good terms with Phylicia’s whole family =)  Whenever i’m @ their place, i won’t feel awkward @ all & always enjoyed my visits to their place.

When it comes to dinner time, we went to Pow Sing for chicken rice. I usually eat more rice only if there are my favourite dishes but when it comes to chicken rice, i super love it =)  Yummy…. And pair it with the nice moist chicken meat + chilli sauce! OMG! Hee… There was also other yummy dishes!

After dinner (thanks to Phy’s mum for the treat), we went to Dessert Bowl. Phy’s dad & brother didn’t join us as they were full already.

And i treated them to dessert! Saw Phy shared this Durian with Glutinous Rice with her mum. Looks really good! Will try that on my next visit.


This is my favourite picture of Penelopy which i took on that day. I like how she pose in this picture (love the background too). 

And the night didn’t end just like this. We went back to Phy’s mum house to rest a while & let Kenny take something & then off we went to Fullerton Hotel!

But Kenny got something to do so Phy & i went to walk around @ One Fullerton first.


It’s been a REALLY LONG TIME since i last came to this area! Haha. Anyway it was nice to take a stroll on such a nice cooling night while i chat with Phylicia.

Love the view that i saw on that night! And i was attracted to this place called Jing as they have this outdoor sitting area & the huge cushion seats looks so inviting. I would love to go back to relax with a nice drink & enjoy the breeze & view!

Can’t wait for the Integrated Resort to be completed… I’m sure the view will be even nicer! =)

Anyway i’m glad when we got Kenny’s call cause that means we are going over to Fullerton Hotel for a drink!

page 5

Here we are @ The Courtyard to have a nice chill out session! It was awesome! =)  Nice quiet environment & it was @ this time that i really get to have a nice chat with Phylicia! And thank god that Penelopy was alseep @ this moment too…. Haha!


Look @ the spread! We had this prawn snack (love the sauce too which has a slight ginger taste). The fries goes really well with the mayonaise sauce (not sure what else they mixed in but it’s makes the mayonaise sauce very nice).

Reminds me of the days @ Alley Bar where Phylicia & i like to order fries to enjoy with our drinks!



The very lovely couple! Thanks to Kenny for the treat =)  And all the best in your new job, get more pay raise so i can get more treats from you hor! Haha.



And how can i not take a picture with my bestie! =)

By the way, for those who like nice packaging for your mooncakes, can consider Fullerton Hotel. No picture to show but it’s really nicely packed with this jade detail. Very exquisite & perfect as a gift to someone =)



All these lovely snacks are from Ivy (pink one from her recent HK trip) & Phylicia (colourful one from her recent Tokyo trip).

What a great way to end my weekend!! Thanks =)


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