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CHOOSE – Singapore’s first eco-store

Posted on: September 22, 2009

Earlier on i did write a post regarding my cousin Yiqi who has set up  Choose , Singapore’s first eco-store with his friend Stuart.

They were also featured on greenkampong.com & Lianhe Zaobao Sunday.

So on monday (Hari Raya Puasa public holiday), i went to Yiqi’s shop with my parents to take a look. My 小姑 & her hubby also came to join us later =)



I saw this when i was walking up the stairs to the shop. Interesting yah!



The interior of the shop. Simple layout but everything is arranged neatly & displayed accordingly to different categories.




So if you’re looking for greener alternatives but you have no idea how to start, you can get lots of infomation & help @ Choose!



I was attracted to ths range of bags & i managed to get something that i like! Thanks to my dad who got it for me =)



My brother was telling me about this after he came back from Yiqi’s shop. This seems really good! Worth trying =) 

We were joking that we can perhaps start a laundry shop using this product! Hee….



Look…. They even got these!! Yiqi gave me a sample to try. Haha!

And there’s more!



All these are made by a community project that reuse pallet packaging materials.




I only drink sugar cane juice but i didn’t know it can be recycled in this way.


page 1 

They have quite a good range of products so i’m sure you will find something that you like.



Since my dad got a bag for me, i decide to get a baby romper that’s made with 100% organic cotton for Magdelene’s baby boy Sean =)  His baby shower’s party is coming soon so it be a perfect gift!

By the way, Choose now have this Bikepark program.

“Ever wanted to cycle to work but don’t know where to park?

Office doesn’t have showers?

Cycling to work just got easier

Our Bikepark is now open. We offer secured parking, showers and lockers so you have even less excuses to not cycle to work!

Our fees are as follows – Daily Rate: $5 , Monthly Rate: $60

Still unsure if you want to cycle to work? First-time users get to use our facilities for free!

We open our parking from 7am to 8pm but call one day in advance to let us know you are coming!

This sounds really awesome so if you care keen, do call them up for more details.

So if you want to play a part for the environment, you can start from here!

  • 26A Sago Street
  • S’pore 059021
  • Tel: 6323 0651
  • Open daily from 10am to 8pm


By the way, they are on Facebook too! Just search for CHOOSE. by Olive Ventures & join their group =)


4 Responses to "CHOOSE – Singapore’s first eco-store"

Hi! i love this! Does anyone know how i can contact them? I am a designer of eco designer fashion bags (www.benandbear.com) and would like to meet with them.

Does anyone have their email address?

thanks, raewyn

Hi raewyn,

Here is the address & contact details of the shop =)

CHOOSE. by Olive Ventures

26A Sago Street
Singapore 059021
+65 6323 0651

Email: choose@oliveventures.com.sg

Hi, Jessica from The Straits Times here – possible to pass me your cousin’s hp number – hoping to interview him for a story for The Straits Times.

Thanks – 98508988.

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for showing interest in my cousin’s eco store! =) I’m going to text you his number now.

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