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Peng Catering Services Restaurant

Posted on: September 27, 2009

Recently was the Hari Raya Puasa public holiday & that night my dad gave everyone a treat @ Peng Catering Services Restaurant. He came to this restaurant recently with his friends & he likes it.

He intends to hold my grandma birthday celebration this year @ this restaurant so he thought it be a good idea to let everyone try out the food & see if my grandma likes it (this is the most important factor!).

We used to go to Jumbo @ Serangoon Gardens Country Club but it’s closing down soon so i’m glad my dad found Peng Restaurant. And it’s near for everyone so it’s very convenient.

Too bad my 2 cousins Wayne & Andy didn’t come. Hope you guys can make it for the next one yah! =)



The interior – It’s simple & has this traditional layout of a typical olden days chinese restaurant.


page 2

In this picture are Braised Beancurd, Steamed Fish & “Fan Shu Ye”. Both the braised beancurd & fish are really nice… Beancurd is smooth & fish is very fresh! The “Fan Shu Ye” is not too bad but it taste better when it’s hot.



I always like the first dish as there’s a variety of everything & i like all!! Haha =)  I can see all my cousins like it too.



Braised Goose Meat – Not too bad but portion of goose meat is not a lot. Underneath the goose meat is beancurd & goes well with the sauce =)



This is the most interesting dish for that night! Haha… Everyone was guessing what is this?? It’s actually Fried Kway Teow! I myself enjoyed this a lot.

May taste a bit salty but i thought as Kway Teow itself is bland so it create more taste. And the outer layer is crispy! Nice…



The “Kong Ba Bao” @ Ah Peng is good in my opinion. Enought fatty meat aka “Bui Ba”! =)   And it’s quite a big slice…. Shiok! 


page 3

Seems like most of the times we will always order the Chilli Crabs & that night was no exception! The overall taste is not bad but i thought the texture of the sauce is a little bit watery… But there was lots of meat in the pincers part (my favourite). Yummy…. And pair it with Man Tou! It’s just Wow…. =)

Seeing the crabs makes me think of Melben @ AMK… Super love the claypot crabs, chilli crabs… OMG…. Jus bring out all the crab dishes!



The “Orh Nee” was really good! Most of us who love this dish really enjoyed it. 

Anyway all of us were so full after the 9 course dinner! Haha… Glad everyone like the food. It’s always nice to enjoy nice food with loved ones.

Can’t wait for my grandma’s birthday celebration to come but first i be busy during the month of October with weddings , birthdays & baby shower!

Look out for my updates!

P.S: I was told by my dad that there will be 30% off if you dine @ the restaurant during the weekdays.


  • Peng Catering Services Restaurant
  • 30 Lorong 1 Realty Park
  • S’pore 536953
  • Tel: 6289 6975 / 6282 1048
  • Closed on Thursday except Public Holidays

5 Responses to "Peng Catering Services Restaurant"

you forgot me!!!! haha (: looks awesome hehe

Pai seh…. I was refering to those in Singapore! Haha… I know you will definitely come with Lester if the both of you are here =)

haha kidding la (: I know! and yes. we would definitely be there if we’re home! haha

I know you are just kidding lah =) You are not so petty one…. Hee! Hugz!

[…] we came to try the food @ Ah Peng in Sep already, i shall not repeat the pictures but just show the dishes which we didn’t try […]

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