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Lisi’s Bachelorette Party & Huimei’s Birthday Celebration

Posted on: September 29, 2009

My dear friend Lisi is getting married on this saturday so recently together with the rest of the jie mei & her good friends, we organized a hen’s party for her =)

It’s my first time attending a hen’s party even though it’s the 4th time for me to be a jie mei. So i was quite looking forward to it. Haha!

Anyway there will be quite a lot of pictures so happy viewing!


page 12

All of us met for dinner first @ TCC which was very near to our venue for the hen’s party… Just about 2-3 units away!

I tried this new item “Curry Beef Spaghetti” which is really yummy! Beef was very tender & they fried it well + the curry taste in the sauce = heavenly! =)  Maybe i was hungry too but it’s really not bad… Worth trying!

By the way, you can change it to chicken too if you don’t take beef. But it may be quite spicy (it’s ok for me though) so for those who don’t take spicy food, please take note.


page 2

After dinner, we proceed on to Oohtique to start Lisi hen’s party =)

None of us has been here before so we didn’t know what to expect. Hee!

And we start to play around with the props & took lots of pictures.

By the way, a costume was provided by Oohtique for the bride to be!


page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6

page 7

It was lots of fun with the games & forfeits to be done by the losing team (but the bride has to do more).

The rest were super ON too…. Having crazy fun with silly poses with the range of props & there were lots of laughter. I warm up slowly cause partly i’m not very familiar with most of them. Hee! But the awkward feeling was over very soon… =)

All of us also had a good chat with a drink (it’s included in the package) when we were resting. It was nice to hang out with the girls like this!


page 8

That night was also a special night for Huimei as we were going to celebrate her birthday too!!

Susan & Joey got cakes from Rive Gauche & went to Oohtique earlier to put it first. Look @ Huimei happy face!


Lisi hen's party

All of us had a very enjoyable night @ Oohtique & i hope Lisi had a memorable night. But there’s more to come @ the later part =)

By the way, Michelle (the lady squatting down on the left) was a very good host for that night.


page 9

We shared the cakes together & after we are done, we start to prepare & doll up a bit to proceed on to our next venue. Lisi changed back to her pink dress & we put on the pink fairy wings & tiara for her. The rest of us attached either a gold or silver hat to our hair =)



As each of us are entitled to $25 credit, all of us chose something for ourselves before we leave Oohtique. You can get anything from the shop – lingerie, sex toys, jewellery, etc. If it exceed $25, just top up the balance.

  • Oohtique
  • 50A Circular Road
  • Boat Quay
  • Singapore 049405
  • Tel: 6557 0469



page 10

We walked to The Pump Room for the next round & we prepared some dares for Lisi.

Just nice we bump into another group of girls who were having a hen’s party too. I even bought a condom from the “Hen” for $2 cause there’s one of her dares. Hee!


page 11

It was quite a lot of fun to make Lisi do the dares. When were in Pump Room, there was this group of guys who kept offering to help Lisi do some of the dares. Wahahahaha!! Damn funny…. Suppose to get different people do the dares mah! =)



But no matter how you celebrate a friend hen’s party, it always fun with a group of friends who are really happy for the bride to be. Just relax & have an enjoyable night with everyone.

Now shall count down to Saturday for the Big Day! =)


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