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Joel & Lisi Wedding

Posted on: October 7, 2009

3rd Oct ’09 (Sat)

After all the planning, discussion, hen’s party…. The Big Day has finally arrived!

All the jie mei reach the bride’s place around 5.30am to have a light breakfast! I had mine @ home while i was doing my makeup… My grandma kept nagging so i must show her that i’m eating! Haha.

Thanks to my brother who woke up early to drive me to Lisi’s place =)


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We started to prepare the “yummy” spread for the guys @ 6am! Haha… =)

The “Suan Tian Ku La” is usually a must for the gatecrashing! Let me share with you what we have prepared!

Suan” – Lemon juice with 1 “Suan Mei” in the shooter glass.

Tian” – “Jiu Cheng Gao” aka multi coloured kuay & we put some cocoa powder & icing sugar on it.

Ku” – Bitter “Liang Cha” in breast shaped nipple cups! Super funny lah =)

La” – We took some bread & cut out “I ♥ Lisi”. Then we melt some chocolate & added wasabi, chilli powder, pepper & tabasco sauce into it & spread it on the bread.

My favourite part during the gatecrashing is when one of the xiong di had to wear this bra! The main thing is there’s 2 mini zip lock bag attached to the bra & we pour some milk into it & seal it properly. And then the bride groom has to suck on the nipple part to drink the milk! Wahahaha….

When they show the video during the wedding dinner, i was laughing so hard till my tears was flowing out.

Anyway we stick to 45 minutes for the whole gatecrashing session cause Joel & his brothers arrived @ 7am & he must fetch the bride by 7.45am!


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Here is the gorgeous bride Lisi =)  Love her gown from Seletar Broadway.

I remember when i accompany her to choose her gowns, she wanted something with gathers for the bottom part & she like details such as embroidery while Joel like the halter neck part of this gown & he prefer her in a white gown so this is the perfect choice! =)



All the jie mei in matching dark purple tone dresses! Lisi got it for us @ Isetan Wisma… The brand is Sugarlink! Popular choice for jie mei dress =)


page 4

After leaving Lisi’s place, we proceed to Alexandra Park for some phototaking cause the couple must enter the bride groom ‘s house by 9am & we still got quite a bit of time to spare =)


page 5

And finally @ Joel’s place, we can finally relax a bit & enjoy the buffet.

All of us were quite tired cause we had to wake up early to prepare & also to get all the stuff done @ Lisi’s place.


page 6

After leaving Joel’s house, we went to their love nest @ Tiong Bahru! Lisi changed into her kua & we get to rest a bit more too =)

And look at Xihua…. The way she holds the camera is quite pro! Maybe she can be a videographer in future. Hee!



The handkerchiefs that we were holding is a gift from Lisi. It has our individual names with beadings sewn onto it =)

I don’t know what inspire the photographer but he made us do quite a few “Hiao” aka vain poses! Wahahaha… Damn funny! The videographer did a very good job too! All of us were laughing so much when we saw the video during the wedding dinner =)


Next venue – Tampines Soka Centre

page 7

Lisi & her family are buddhist & the couple were there for a 1/2 hour praying & blessing ceremony =)

And when we were done, all of us head to Concorde Hotel.


page 8

While Joel was doing the check in, i start taking some pictures & use the internet for a while =)


page 14

On the left is the room for all the jie mei. All of us had some rest, take a quick shower & wait for the makeup artist to come.

On the right is the bridal suite! Nice big cosy room =)  And i love the heart shaped cushions.



This beautiful cake is given by the hotel =)


page 9

All nicely dolled up & getting ready to go to the ballroom to do some preparation work + rehearsal.

Such a coincidence that it turns out i know the makeup artist. She was my friend’s poly classmate =)  I saw her @ my friend’s wedding few years ago & i recognize her.

By the way, i thought i looked kind of mature in my hair & makeup! Not sure if it’s because i’m not used to it cause i hardly wear such heavy makeup. But it’s interesting to see everyone looking so different from their daytime look =)

But i must say i really love my gown! I got it done @ Shenzhen when i was there in June.


page 10

Everyone was trying to do a quick rehearsal for this short play about how Joel & Lisi got to know each other till the stage when Joel propose to Lisi.

I was suppose to take part in the play too but i couldn’t make it for the discussion which was held last month.

As there was only 1 discussion & after that i didn’t get any update so i thought the whole plan was called off. But it was still on & Xihua will take over my role which is the proposal part =)

And they did a fantastic job given the fact that they only had 2 rehearsals.


page 11

And when there’s a short break, it’s picture taking time!! Haha….

I love the purple & white roses! Even the balloons used for decorating the reception area is also in the same shades. And our jie mei dresses are in purple too! So by now you can guess our bride likes purple =)


page 12

Before Xihua & i starts to get busy @ the reception, we took pictures with the rest =)   I quite like these 5 pictures cause it’s not blur & everyone was smiling so nicely!


page 13

Overall it was a great wedding dinner with lots of laughter with everyone & we were the last table to leave!! It was really a very enjoyable night =)

All the xiong di were super ON too & 1 of them even got quite drunk & was talking so loudly + some nonsense! Super funny!!

And i realised that it’s the 2nd “Mid Autumn” wedding that i’ve attended. During last year mid autumn festival, i was at Petrina’s wedding =)

We ended the night back at our room where we gave Lisi all the red packets (from all of us), a nice card made by Huimei with our individual photos on it & message written by everyone + a gift for Lisi which is a lingerie!

 Can see that both Joel & Lisi are really happy & i’m glad everything went well for the whole wedding.

I hereby wish them a blissful marriage & be blessed with lots of happiness! ♥♥♥


2 Responses to "Joel & Lisi Wedding"

Awesome blog!

I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

Hi Savannah,

Thanks for your compliments on my blog!

You should slowly start your own blog =) Initially i was very lazy to start too… Hee!

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