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High Tea @ Equinox With My Bestie

Posted on: October 10, 2009

Nowadays i’ve been trying quite a few different high tea @ various local hotels. Always look forward to my monthly meet up with Christina & her sister Ivy =)

I was suppose to meet them today @ Sheraton Hotel, The Dining Room for high tea to celebrate Christina’s birthday. Too bad… 2 days ago i had viral infection & diet wise i must go light for the next few days  =_=

Hope the both of you enjoy the high tea & Christina, i’ll arrange another day to celebrate with you! =)

Anyway i’m glad i can go for high tea with my bestie Phylicia =)

We have only been to one high tea together @ Meritus Mandarin Hotel & that was many years ago.


page 1

We decide to go to Equinox for high tea! It’s both our first time here to try out the high tea. But Phy has been here a few times already for dinner with her hubby & Penelopy =)


page 2

And here is Penelopy happily eating her bread!

Phylicia & i was spending quite a bit of time running after her =_=  She just can’t really sit still *headache*


page 7

The area where all the food are displayed.


page 3

page 4

The whole range of food! =)  The food is pretty good but dessert wise, i prefer the ones @ Shangri-La.



The range of tea that’s available – choose what you want & hot water is in the 2 silver thingy =) 

My bestie chose this Rose tea for the 2 of us to share & it smell so fragrant when she pour the tea for me!



The only live station where you can get pasta =)  It’s really nice when you eat it while it’s hot!


page 5

Look @ the “Sexy Back” picture of my bestie! Not bad right… =)

Anyway it was a great high tea treat from my bestie! Thanks Phy…

I was telling my bestie that perhaps for the next high tea, it be better if we can get someone to look after Penelopy or her hubby follow & help to look after her.

Cause the high tea @ Equinox is only from 3.30 – 5pm so i felt kinda rushed + like what i’ve mention earlier, quite a bit of time was spent chasing after Penelopy. I can’t have a proper chat with my bestie.

  • Equinox
  • Swissotel The Stamford
  • Tel:  6837 3322


page 6

I took all these pictures when we were in the car, on our way back to Phy’s mum place. Again Penelopy was quite mischievous – 1 moment she was sitting in front & the next, she wants to move to the back =_=

She did make me feel fustrated for quite a while.

So i was glad when she fall alseep when she was sitting on my lap! Haha. And this is when i start to have a nice chat with Phy (like finally… It always seems to happen only when Pene is asleep).



Here is me enjoying my 爱心 milo kopi prepared by my bestie @ her mum’s place. It’s really nice! And since Penelopy was sleeping, we managed to have a nice chat & watch tv together.

It was really nice! =)

I always enjoyed my meet ups with my bestie despite the little one tagging along most of the time. She is naughty but i still love her =)  When she’s cute, she’s really lovable! Haha…


6 Responses to "High Tea @ Equinox With My Bestie"

hahha.. i have the same problem with nicole my god daughter! she gets me frustrated at times too.. car problem also hahaha..sometimes would cry and say wanna sit with me.. sometimes wanna sit with her mum.. can really test our patience..so no choice have to scold her.

Haha… Somehow i knew you can understand what i meant =) High 5!! But most kids nowadays are like this.

Like on the recent saturday, i couldn’t make it for high tea @ Sheraton because i was sick! I heard my friend’s sister brought her kids along & same situation lah! Haha…

oh…food looks great!~ i wanna go eat there too 🙂

Eileen… You can give it a try! It’s not too bad =)

Hi June,

I so totally understand how you feel!!! Haha… my side is times 2! Alwiz so difficult to chat with Cyn when the 2 kids are alwiz clamouring for attention.

Can I just check, the Lorong Ah Soo place at Hougang is it the new 2-storey hawker centre that was built when the old onw was torn down?


OMG… I think you, Eileen & me can go for high tea together & i’ll put a caption “3 god-ma out for high tea withour their god-kids around today!” Wahahaha….

By the way, i’m not sure if that hawker centre has been torn down before & then rebuilt it. But i think we should be talking about the same place. 2nd level is the hawker centre & 1st level is the wet market =)

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