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Jonathan & Eva Wedding

Posted on: October 17, 2009

13th Oct ’09

Few days ago, i attended Jonathan & Eva Wedding @ Changi Village Hotel with my brother.

Got to know Eva through my brother first. Just like Lisi… Both were my brother’s friends & slowly i got to know them too =)  Likewise, most of my friends know my brother too & so far he has attended 2 of my friends’ wedding with me too. Hee!


page 1

As my brother will be one of the emcee, he went down to the hotel earlier to help out + do a quick rehearsal with the other emcee Michael.

I also tag along & help out a bit along the way. I also took the chance to take more pictures before the guests arrive.



I thought it was quite a good idea to have their picture printed into a poster size & turn it into a guest book for the guest to sign on =)

The very pretty picture that you see is taken @ Taiwan.



It was going to be a buffet dinner & this area is where they displayed the food.



Eva also engaged a live band for her wedding. And it was such a coincidence that the guy who was playing the keyboard turns out to be my brother’s secondary school friend.


page 2

As usual, whenever i got the chance i’ll try to take pictures of/with everyone. Actually i don’t know most of Eva’s friends but as we chat slowly, it turns out to be quite ok =)

By the way, it’s my brother’s first time to be an emcee. Even though he made some minor mistakes but overall it’s already good for a first attempt!


page 3

Here is Eva in her evening gown toasting to everyone with her hubby, both families & also with all the jie mei/xiong di.



I thought this part was pretty nice… Jonathan sings quite well & i even saw Jonathan’s mum cried when he was singing & saying the thank you speech.


page 4

This is Rena whom i got to know @ the wedding. We were sitted @ the same table but didn’t talk much at first. But slowly as we chat, we realised that we got quite a bit in common & start to talk about travelling, shopping!

We were like 2 old friends catching up with each other! Haha.


page 5

Eva changed into her Kua towards the end of the dinner to take pictures with everyone. I always like to see brides in kua as i find it very nice & seems to make a chinese wedding even more complete.

You should have seen her gold pendant! It’s a pretty big one of a mother pig with piglets on it =)  As both the couple are from HK, i think it’s their tradition to give the bride this kind of pendant. I always see it @ the jewellery shops whenever i’m @ HK.


page 6

The wedding favor is a  Kissing Couple Bottle Opener cum Magnet from this website. When Eva was asking me where to get wedding favors, i just try to google & happened to find this website so i show it to her.

The price is very reasonable… The above wedding favor cost $1 each according to the website. And i find the design to be nice =)

At the reception table, they also placed a box filled with postcards & bookmarks with their wedding pictures on it which is for all the guests to take. It’s 2 sided with different pictures… Really nice! =) 

Overall it was a pretty nice cosy wedding for about 90 guests. As most of the planning has to be done by Eva cause Jonathan is at HK most of the time, i guess it wasn’t easy for her. But with the help from all her friends, everything turns out to be quite ok =)

Anyway i hereby wish them lots of happiness & a blissful marriage.


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