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Afternoon Tea @ Sheraton Towers

Posted on: October 22, 2009

I haven’t seen Grace for quite some time & recently i’m glad we managed to arrange to have afternoon tea together @ Sheraton Towers =)

Currently there’s a 1 for 1 promotion with UOB/HSBC cards!

About 2 weeks ago, i was supposed to meet Christina & her sister for high tea @ The Dining Room but i was sick, couldn’t make it. Just nice Grace is keen to try the afternoon tea @ Lobby Bar so i thought why not! =)

The ambience @ Lobby Bar is pretty good & i love the sofa seats. So comfy & i chose a nice corner seat so enough privacy to chat with Grace.



I arrived earlier than Grace so i decide to start off with some tea first while waiting. I opt for earl grey! It’s pretty nice but i didn’t notice it’s Lipton brand until Grace told me. Haha!

I just expected something better from Sheraton Towers lah.



I haven’t had this kind of 3 tier afternoon tea for a long time. Usually i go for the buffet kind so it was a nice change. Overall the food are nice but maybe both of us were pretty hungry, i wish the quantity can be a bit more!



Both of us were enjoying the scones very much! With the jam & cream… It’s heavenly! Usually i’ll pick out the raisins in the scones but the scones @ Sheraton is nice & fresh & somehow i just really enjoy it!



It was a really great afternoon tea session with Grace… We had such a good time catching up with each other! I just love to hang out with my friends like this =)

I even show her the Women Weekly 1 for 1 booklet and we are keen to go for another afternoon tea & lunch buffet together. Really looking forward to it!

  • Lobby Bar
  • Tel: 6839 5625

2 Responses to "Afternoon Tea @ Sheraton Towers"

Wow the high tea looks nice!
So wanted to try!!!
Over here. High tea at home 🙂
And I also love the earl grey from Lipton! Is it Lipton Sir Thomas (something like that) cos if it is, it’s really good. And one thing, you can’t find it anywhere!
*take care*

Hi Rosaline =) I only see the brand Lipton but i didn’t double check leh. By the way, the Lipton Sir Thomas brand, do you mean it’s available only @ Singapore?

By the way, for the past few months i’ve been trying different high tea @ various hotels. It helps when i got friends who are very keen & it’s great to enjoy it together! =)

When you are back, we go for one lah!! Hee… Meanwhile take good care when you are @ Idaho ok. Hugz!! Keep in touch.

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