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My Dear Brother Birthday Celebration

Posted on: October 22, 2009

My brother’s actual birthday was on 6th Oct but we couldn’t fix a date for the celebration as all our schedule clash.

So finally on the recent sunday, we went for dim sum together! =)

Even though we will always celebrate our bithdays with parents & grandma, we will still have another celebration on our own! Plus we get to try out something new or our favourite food.

So i did some research & compile a list to show it to my brother & Angeline. After some discussion, a choice was made!


1st venue – Hai Tien Lo @ Pan Pacific Hotel

page 1

That’s me in the lift going all the way up to Level 37! Great view from where we were sitting =)


page 2

The interior is simple & nice. Service wise… They were quite good! By the way, there was the weekend brunch but we didn’t try that cause i’m going for a facial later while both my brother & his gf are going for massage after dim sum so we didn’t want to eat too much.


page 3

page 4

The dim sum selections are not a lot (15 items only) but the quality is there. In total, we had 11 servings of dim sum (but we tried 10 items only but for the siew mai, we order twice).

Overall we like the dim sum here + we get to enjoy a nice view. We spent about 3 hours there! It was nice to enjoy dim sum & chit chat slowly =)



By the way i forgot to request for cake when i made the reservation so they gave my bro this instead! Hee… So cute & nice!

Something different from the usual cakes lah! He was surprised when he saw it & thought the waitress brought out a wrong item. Haha! =)



我们是他背后的女人!!! Haha…. =)  I like this picture with everyone! It’s nice.

So blissful hor!!


page 5


Anyway i thought it was a good idea after all to have the longevity buns. Look & taste good! =)  And it’s also a nice way to bless my brother with good health! Each of us got to enjoy 2 longevity buns & it already makes us very full together with the dim sum.

  • Hai Tien Lo
  • Pan Pacific Hotel , Level 37
  • Tel: 6826 8338



The orchids are so lovely & i just had to take a picture.



I saw this when we were walking to the carpark! OMG… this is so gorgeous! The oriental figurines are so cute looking =)

I really like the whole design, colour & oriental theme.


2nd venue – Arirang Korean Restaurant @ Liang Seah Street


After i’m done with my facial (my brother & Angeline went for body massage) + some shopping @ Inouvi cause there was a sale, we came here for korean bbq dinner =) 

I always walk passed this place whenever i’m @ Ah Chew Desserts. So when my brother & his gf suggested this place, i thought it’s a good idea.


page 6

page 7

We opt for the $19.90++ buffet bbq dinner. It’s really not bad! The bbq meat items that we choose were pretty good.

The only 2 items which i really don’t like are the sour plum drink (taste weird) & also the spicy seafood & beancurd soup. Dessert was ok only but still acceptable.

Soup wise… The ginseng chicken is good! But for this item, each pax can only order 1 time =)




It was really a day well spent with my brother & his gf =)  Started off the day with dim sum which all of us enjoyed, relax during my facial & ended the night with yummy korean bbq.

  • Arirang Korean Restaurant 
  • Liang Seah Street #01-07/08
  • Tel: 6333 0025


Looking forward to the weekend where it be another round of celebration but with family this time. We be trying this indonesian food buffet! There’s this 1 for 1 promotion with UOB cards now & the reviews on hungrygowhere.com seems good so i thought we can give it a try =)


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