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It’s another 1 – 1 offer from Women’s Weekly & this time the venue is @ Zenden Restaurant , Gallery Hotel.

I’m glad to have Grace to accompany me for lunch & i was really looking forward to this lunch as the reviews on hungrygowhere looks quite ok =)


I reached earlier so i managed to take pictures before the crowd starts coming in.

The above 2 pictures are the interior of the restaurant & display area for the food. I kind of like the purple & pink covers for the chairs – adds a nice contrast to the environment.


Since i had the 1 – 1 voucher, Grace & i decide to take the one with main course & carvery.

And starting from the next picture onwards, the food featured will be part of the buffet spread.

The concept here is quite interesting – It’s a semi buffet which consist of a main course (if you opt for it) + a buffet spread of appetizer, desserts , soup & some hot food.


Seeing the chocolate fondue is making me very happy already! =)  The range of cakes were quite ok too & there were fresh fruits.

There were also free flow tea & coffee.


Personally i love the cold section very much! My favourite items are the beef , prawns (very fresh) & Smoked Salmon (my all time favourite).


Soup was Pumpkin Soup & the taste was pretty good =)


Didn’t get to try the Gado Gado but i took the bread. It will be better if it’s more warm… Otherwise it’s still nice & soft and i happily spread butter on it to enjoy!


The hot food consist of about 3 choices – pork ribs , siew mai & the other one i can’t remember.

Both pork ribs & siew mai taste quite alright. But when the pork ribs is finished, i think they replaced it with another dish but i didn’t try.


Both Grace & i opt for the same main course which is Pan Fried Butter Fish “Nantua”. I find it so so only.

We didn’t even get to try the carvery station which is Roasted Pork Loin if i remember correctly. No time to try it! Haha.


We ended our meal with some fruits , ice cream & desserts =)

It was around this time when i felt kind of rushed. Cause when i called to make reservations, i was told that the buffet area will end @ 2pm.

But at 1.30pm , a staff came over to inform us that they have to prepare for a event & they will clear the buffet area soon. So Grace & i quickly went to grab whatever we want =_= 

Other than this slightly unpleasant incident, i would say the service & food @ Zenden is pretty good =)  I don’t mind coming back again but this time i won’t get the main course & carvery as i find the buffet spread is sufficent already.

And i’ll make sure i reach earlier & enjoy the food slowly! By the way, there’s complimentry parking too =)  I remember when we exit the carpark, it show the complimentry parking value is $5 so should be enough during your stay @ Zenden for your meal.

  • Zenden @ Gallery Hotel
  • 1 Nanson Road @ Robertson Quay
  • S’pore 238909
  • Tel: 6849 8699

Thanks to Women’s Weekly for the 1 – 1 booklet , i arranged to go for high tea with Patricia @ Lobby Lounge , InterContinental.


Before i talk about high tea @ InterContinental, i would like to share this picture with everyone. I was @ the bus stop when i saw this cloud! The shape was kind of interesting… If you look towards the right hand side of the cloud, i thought i can see the shape of a face & also the eye , nose & mouth (looks like blowing something out).

Well this is what i see lah =) 


Lobby Lounge @ InterContinental

I really like the ambience here! Really nice & cosy with a colonial feel =)  And i like the chandeliers… Really nice & elegant!

Patricia & i really felt really relaxed , enjoy some food while we had a nice chat!


The upper picture is where the food & desserts are displayed.

The picture below is where you can get some sandwich which is made on the spot by the chef if the ones on display is not to your liking.


The whole spread is not a lot but since there’s a 1 – 1 offer , i thought it’s not so bad.

And there’s free flow coffee & tea including iced tea , iced mocha ,etc. So i thought this is pretty good as you can get to enjoy a variety of iced & hot drinks.


I really love the comfy chair that i was sitting on. I can just sit there all day, read a book/magazine & order a drink to enjoy!

And trust me… It’s easy to spend 3 hours @ the Lobby Lounge in such an environment! At least that’s the case for me =)

By the way… I saw FANN WONG @ Lobby Lounge! But i was kind of pai seh to approach her for a picture… Haha!

  • Lobby Lounge @ InterContinental
  • Tel: 6825 1046


I just like Christmas season =)  Love the nice festive mood!

After high tea, we walked around Bugis Junction to do some shopping. Then we decide to take a bus to Suntec for mussels as i was getting a bit hungry. Patricia suggested Oosters but somehow we can’t find the restaurant =_=


So we walked around & see what we can find for dinner & end up we saw 2 X’mas trees so we start taking pictures again. Hee!

Good chance for me to add more pictures to my X’mas photo album!


Finally it’s dinner time & we decide to try Skinny Pizza. I let Patricia choose & she opt for “Provence” which is a healthy choice. It’s an all vege pizza & the base sauce is pretty good – i think it’s pesto sauce.

Just look @ the picture! Isn’t it nice & colourful =)  The staff helped us cut the 12 inch pizza into 4 portions & i pick up a piece to enjoy. OMG… The base is just like cracker! Really crispy!!

I enjoyed my pizza meal & i’ll definitely be back to try out other range like Squid Ink , Wild Truffled Mushroom , Meatball Bolognaise & the Truffle Fries! Talking about this now makes me hungry!

  • Skinny Pizza
  • Suntec City #01-002
  • Tel: 6333 9774


And after all this eating… It’s time to walk around! Crabtree & Evelyn was having a 20% sale & i wanted to get this Mini Hand Therapy Sampler Set which consist of 6 different range but it was sold out everywhere =_=

So i just got the Lavender one (box of 3 25ml size).

Anyway it seems quite a while that i get to walk so much! Towards the end of the night, i think my legs starts to ache a bit already so we went to O’ Gambinos @ Raffles City for a drink.



I had the Cosmopolitan & i kind of like the glass they used =)

It’s my first time @ this place & i’m glad it wasn’t crowded. Great for us as we can get to rest without being in a noisy environment.

It was really a great meet up with Patricia – high tea , shopping , enjoy nice pizza & end the night with a drink!

Can’t wait to see her again next month as she be organizing a X’mas party!

It’s time for my monthly high tea session with Christina & Ivy =)  And it’s always good when there’s some promotion! Our venue this time??


page 1

They currently have this 3 for 2 promotion (just nice for the 3 of us) so i didn’t get to use the Women’s Weekly 1 – 1 voucher. Will use that for another time!

And if you look @ the lower picture, it’s the newly renovated Straits Cafe! I’ve been here once & it was last year june during my birthday. I like the new layout – simple & whole place seems to look brighter!



DIY Popiah Station which i didn’t make any! Haha… Was happily walking around, taking pictures & trying out other food. But i did make 2 “Kueh Pie Tee” to try & it’s good! =)

I think i’m the kind who needs @ least 2 visits to fully try out all the food as i spent quite a bit of time chatting with my friends & taking pictures.



Dessert Section! Not a very wide spread but it’s ok for me. I just wish they can add chocolate fondue!! =)  My favourite!

But i took the Durian Fudge Cake & Durian Pengat to try & it’s good! Can see the durian flesh in the pengat… Nice!!


page 2

For the Cold Selection, i quite enjoy the prawns, sushi & jellyfish in shooter cups!

And we were given a good table as there was enough privacy for us to chat & we were near the hot drinks section. Makes it very convenient for us!

Let me show you some of the food that i’ve tried.


page 4

There was Salmon Sashimi & it’s very fresh!! Quite rare to see sashimi for high tea though (at least for the ones i’ve tried so far).

By the way, i like the picture of Christina holding the cup! The lightings is good & the picture turns out very nice =)


page 3

For the hot food section, i enjoy the satay a lot!! Very tender & the sauce is pretty good. The rest of the spread is pretty decent so no complaints.

Chawanmushi is pretty ok! It was warm when i took it & i’m ok with the taste. And usually i enjoy bread so when i saw Ivy toasting the bread, i also got one & took the egg mayonnaise, tuna , peanut butter & BUTTER!! My favourite =)

I was having a good time spreading different stuff on my bread & enjoy it slowly!

There was also Laksa & a DIY Rojak section which i didn’t try but i remember having it during the June’08 lunch buffet. 

For my next visit, i intend to concentrate more on desserts first cause this time when i went for the desserts, it looks kind of empty already (towards end of buffet already) so i just went straight for the Durian Fudge Cake & Durian Pengat.


page 5

 All of us really like Straits Cafe for the ambience & range of food & with the promotion, it’s really quite worth it.

Great venue for gatherings! Somehow it gives a nice homely cosy feeling.

I intend to come back here during end Nov with my bro, his gf + my bestie & her family too. And morever there’s the Women’s Weekly 1 – 1 voucher so it’s great when you get to save quite a bit.

Now counting down to next month high tea with Christina & Ivy! This time we are going to Equinox & it be the X’mas month… I’m sure the festive mood must be good =)  Can’t wait!

  • Straits Cafe @ Rendezvous Hotel
  • Tel: 6335 1777

I remember Wenhui seeing pictures of me enjoying a meal @ Marmalade Pantry with my cousins & she commented that she’s keen to try out the food =)

Plus she got good comments about Marmalade Pantry from her friend too so we arranged to meet up @ the new branch @ Ion Orchard for dinner.



It is my first time @ this new branch (previously it was @ Palais Renaissance but it was closed already & they shifted here) & while i’m ok with the open concept, i thought it be better if the tables can be placed slightly more apart.


page 1

Since it’s Wenhui’s first time @ Marmalade Pantry, i recommend her to try the Crabmeat Linguini which is a popular dish. I’ve tried it before & it’s nice!

As for myself, i decide to try the Steak Sandwich & it turns out to be a good choice. Beef was tender & i really like the caramelized onions & wasabi mayonnaise that was in the sandwich. The crispy & flavourful tapioca & sweet potato chips were pretty good too.

Ladies…. Please take note! For Monday – Saturday @ 6pm onwards, there be 20% off the food bill & there’s special price for Champagne Cocktails  & House Pours.

So now you can start planning more Girls Night Out with your friends!

But we didn’t stay for drinks cause firstly we already intend to go to TWG for tea & secondly my dear friend is Pregnant!! =)  So no alcoholic drinks for her!!

I’m so happy for her!! Her EDD will be April’10. The gender is not known yet but i’ll ask her when i see her next month for our X’mas dinner =)

  • The Marmalade Pantry
  • Ion Orchard #03-22
  • Tel: 6734 2700




After dinner, we proceed on to TWG which is just 1 level down.

I’ve never been to the Republic Plaza branch but i’m glad they now have a new branch @ Ion Orchard which is a much more convenient location for me.


page 2

Lovely cakes on display when we enter TWG & just look @ the range of colourful macarons! I end up buying some for my brother’s gf to try as she loves macarons =)



Tea galore! Many choices for you @ TWG… And i really like the lamps! It’s nice.



I love the huge colourful tins that was on display & it’s just next to us! It end up being a great back drop for phototaking later.


page 3

We tried the Geisha Blossom Tea which is green tea with a blend of fruity & floral essence.

It taste like green tea when you drink it but when you pour out the tea, it has this nice fragrant smell – both of us thought it smell like peach!



I like this picture very much & thanks to this guy from the next table who kindly took this picture for us. It turns out so nicely =) 

  • TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
  • Ion Orchard #02-21
  • Tel: 6735 1837




Since Christmas is just next month, all the decorations @ Orchard are already up & how can we leave without taking any pictures.

This X’mas tree is outside Ion Orchard & i really love the purple theme!


page 4

Apparently you can walk into the X’mas tree & if you look @ the upper left picture, it’s what you will see when you are inside.

But it was pretty hot & i started sweating A LOT!!! =_=

But overall it was really lots of fun taking the pictures. One of our favourite picture is the bottom right one! We took our reflection & the effect turns out nice with a bit of the purple light around it.



And just one last nice picture together with Wenhui before we go home – love the background! =)

Looking forward to next month X’mas dinner! I suggested Ootoya @ Orchard Central. It be another round of good food (based on the positive reviews on hungrygowhere.com) & picture taking of the X’mas tree/decorations.

Another year has passed & it’s time to celebrate my grandma birthday =)  

Every year we will go to Jumbo but since the outlet @ Serangoon Garden Country Club has closed down already, we switch to a new venue =)

 As we came to try the food @ Ah Peng in Sep already, i shall not repeat the pictures but just show the dishes which we didn’t try during the first visit.


Longevity Buns aka “Shou Tao” for the elderly birthday is a must =)
That’s why for the past 2-3 years, i’ll always try to include a “Shou Tao” design on the birthday cake for grandma.
But this year there was no cake cause grandma insist not to order as she don’t want too much money to be spent on the cake  =_=   Don’t blame her but i’m happy to order. The design for this year cake was quite special so a bit sad that there was no cake. Maybe next year i just go ahead & order without telling grandma =)

page 1
 The Oatmeal Prawns is nice – Prawns are pretty big & it’s fresh!
As for the Roast Suckling Pig… OMG! It’s yummy even though it’s so sinful… =)  Enough fats & crispy skin!
And the crabs that night was really good! Lots of roe!!!
Simply love such gathering with good food , nice wine (thanks to my 4th aunt’s hubby) & do some catching up with each other.
My grandma was really happy with the food that night =)  I hereby wish her good health & may she be blessed with lots of luck for 4D & TOTO!

Recently arranged to meet up with an old friend! =)  She was my good friend from secondary school. Even though we don’t get to meet up very often, somehow it’s always great to see her & we got endless things to talk about.


page 6

We met @ Plaza Singapura Mos Burger to eat something first then went to Spotlight to shop for some stuff together. It was quite nice to walk around slowly & continue with our chit chat.

After we are done @ Spotlight, i suggest finding a place to sit down for a drink. And i saw Tea Cosy in front of me. But the place looks different & the shop name has changed too. It’s now called Ten Thousand Angels!


page 1

Indeed i have lots of angels by my side that day… All around me! =)


page 3

page 2


All above pictures are the various sitting areas for customers. Different kind of feel for every individual corners with different furnitures!


page 4

This cute little sleeping angel caught my eye!

By the way, haven’t shown you guys the drinks that we had. I had Hot Chocolate & Patricia got herself Earl Grey.  Initially she wanted this Queen Tea or Rose Tea but both are not available =_=

My hot chocolate taste nice & i really like the polka dot mug & the whole presentation with the colourful marshmallows =)


page 5

We had such a wonderful time relaxing in the cosy ambience, chit chat & taking pictures!

I can just sit there & read a magazine/book with a nice cup of hot drink!

Patricia & i had some fun with the colour accent mode with my camera. And it’s the first time for me to use this mode. Haha!

I’m the kind who don’t really try to play around with my camera various mode. Somehow i slowly learn when friends point out to me on how to improve my phototaking skills or share with me on the mode to use.

But @ least i learn something new again!


page 7

Patricia had something on but i stay on for dinner. After looking through the menu, i decide to try this new item – Bangers & Mash. The salad comes with my main course , it’s fresh & i like the dressing.

As for my main course, i enjoy it very much. I get to have my meat & with the coleslaw & mash potatoes = a great combination!

  • TenThousandAngels (Tea Cosy)
  • #05-10 Plaza Singapura (beside Spotlight)
  • Tel: 6835 7848

It’s Christina’s birthday & it turns out to be a belated one as i missed her birthday celebration @ The Dining Room , Sheraton Tower cause i was sick =_=   So end up she went ahead with her sister for the high tea.

Then Christina had a holiday trip with her boyfriend & they were going to HK! =)  And again it has to be delayed until recently, we finally managed to meet up for dinner!


page 1

Part of the interior @ Tao’s!

This is my 4th visit to Tao’s but it’s Christina first so i decide to bring her here for dinner to try out the food =)


page 2

After you have placed your order, they will serve you the Mango Sorbet which is available for dinner only.

And a short while later, they will serve you the bread to go with the Bacon & Mushroom Gratin. This is good – slightly salty but goes so well with the bread.

The grilled mushroom (also available only during the dinner) came after the salad. The sauce goes well with it.


page 3

If i remember correctly, i always order the Fruit Salad & i really like it so this time i order it again so Christina can try. Smoked Salmon Salad was never on the menu during my previous 3 visits so we got this too since both of us like smoked salmon.

Soup wise… Mushroom Soup is strongly recommended & so i got Christina to order that =)  As for myself, i decide to try something different & i got the Shark-fin Melon Herbal Soup. This is good & tasty too! It taste like it has been brewed for a long time.


page 4

Christina’s main course was Grilled Snapper With Japanese Sauce while mine was the Slow Cooked Pork Back Ribs.

Christina’s grilled snapper was fresh & has no fishy taste. I thought the portion was quite big – it’s a pretty thick slice of fish! And she was so cute when she let me try her grilled snapper.

She was like cutting half a slice for me & she still could tell me that “It’s ok June… It’s a small slice, skin only lah!” Haha…. =_=

As for mine, i tried it during my 1st visit to Tao’s & i like it a lot. They make it in such a way that the pork ribs is very tender. The meat just seems to slid off the bone without much effort. And i like the mashed sweet potato very much too!


page 5

I recommend the Rose Apple Tea to Christina while i had Ice Summer Peach Tea. Christina was commenting that the jar used to put the tea is pretty cute. A small fork is provided too so you can eat the fruits that’s in the jar.

Desserts will be Yangsheng Poached Pear & Creme Brulee!

There’s nothing special about the Yangsheng Poached Pear so can skip this. I remember they used to have Chocolate Fondue but it’s not available now.

Creme Brulee is still good though! =)  Strongly recommended!



2 happy customers @ Tao’s! I’m glad Christina enjoy the food & service is good… Just like before! And it’s really important to have good service. It just seems to make the whole meal a more pleasant one =)

 But dinner is not over yet! What’s a birthday celebration without candles, cake or something special =)


page 6

At Tao’s, they don’t give cake but i thought this is very nice too! Love how they present it =)

I remember they used to give a scoop of ice cream only & put it in a bowl without much decorating but that was about 2 years ago when i gave my cousin Xin Lian a birthday treat @ Tao’s.

Happy Birthday Christina & may you be blessed with good health, lots of love & all the best in your jewellery business =)

I also got her a birthday present. It’s a cup from Precious Moments as i find it really nice! I also got her a box of green tea so she can start using the new cup. Hee!

I also got a gift from Christina & it’s a Jill Stuart lip gloss which she got it for me during her recent HK trip =)  Thanks! I’ll use it soon…

  • Tao’s Restaurant
  • PoMo (Formerly known as Paradiz Centre)
  • 1 Selegie Road #B1-19
  • Singapore 188306
  • Tel: 6339 8858



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