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爱心 Dinner Prepared By Bestie

Posted on: November 1, 2009

Last week my bestie invited me to her place for dinner & she was going to prepare dinner personally =)

We met up first @ Bishan Junction 8 to let my bestie get the ingredients @ NTUC & we also went to BHG kids department to get a dress for Penelopy. She’s very into princess stuff nowadays!!


page 1

You see the black dress? That’s the one i got for Penelopy & my bestie chose the design =)

At first i wasn’t attracted to the dress as i was looking more @ the pink stuff. But when Penelopy wore it to show me, it looks so lovely! And she looks so cute when she cover her head with the hood =)

And after her shower, she changed into another purple princess dress! I’m sure by now you can see how much she love her princess stuff or clothes.


page 2

While my bestie was busy cooking, i chatted a bit with her in the kitchen & she made me a 爱心 Yuan Yang drink =) 

By this time i was getting really hungry as the fragrance of the 猪 脚 醋 filled the whole kitchen.


page 3

Look @ the yummy spread for dinner! =) 

The main ingredient for the dinner will be chicken feet & the sauce is 猪 脚 醋 kind. Usually i eat the braised kind with wantan mee so this will be quite different from what i usually eat.

And i finished my food happily especially when there’s my favourite mee pok (i love any kinds of noodles) , dumplings soup (i love meat) + chicken feet (must order item when i got for dim sum or having my wantan mee).

Just that maybe i hardly eat 猪 脚 醋 so i’m not too used to the taste yet.

But i really appreciate the efforts that my bestie put in & thanks for inviting me over for dinner! Hugz =)


2 Responses to "爱心 Dinner Prepared By Bestie"

i personally dun like the vinegar trotters too.. too strong a taste for me 😛

Hey… I guess we can’t get used to the taste yet. I even request my bestie to put more sugar cause when she let me taste it, it was kind of sour. Hee!

But i must say it taste good when i pour the sauce into my mee pok. But i still can’t drink the sauce on it’s own lah =)

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