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Christina’s Birthday Celebration @ Tao’s Restaurant

Posted on: November 4, 2009

It’s Christina’s birthday & it turns out to be a belated one as i missed her birthday celebration @ The Dining Room , Sheraton Tower cause i was sick =_=   So end up she went ahead with her sister for the high tea.

Then Christina had a holiday trip with her boyfriend & they were going to HK! =)  And again it has to be delayed until recently, we finally managed to meet up for dinner!


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Part of the interior @ Tao’s!

This is my 4th visit to Tao’s but it’s Christina first so i decide to bring her here for dinner to try out the food =)


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After you have placed your order, they will serve you the Mango Sorbet which is available for dinner only.

And a short while later, they will serve you the bread to go with the Bacon & Mushroom Gratin. This is good – slightly salty but goes so well with the bread.

The grilled mushroom (also available only during the dinner) came after the salad. The sauce goes well with it.


page 3

If i remember correctly, i always order the Fruit Salad & i really like it so this time i order it again so Christina can try. Smoked Salmon Salad was never on the menu during my previous 3 visits so we got this too since both of us like smoked salmon.

Soup wise… Mushroom Soup is strongly recommended & so i got Christina to order that =)  As for myself, i decide to try something different & i got the Shark-fin Melon Herbal Soup. This is good & tasty too! It taste like it has been brewed for a long time.


page 4

Christina’s main course was Grilled Snapper With Japanese Sauce while mine was the Slow Cooked Pork Back Ribs.

Christina’s grilled snapper was fresh & has no fishy taste. I thought the portion was quite big – it’s a pretty thick slice of fish! And she was so cute when she let me try her grilled snapper.

She was like cutting half a slice for me & she still could tell me that “It’s ok June… It’s a small slice, skin only lah!” Haha…. =_=

As for mine, i tried it during my 1st visit to Tao’s & i like it a lot. They make it in such a way that the pork ribs is very tender. The meat just seems to slid off the bone without much effort. And i like the mashed sweet potato very much too!


page 5

I recommend the Rose Apple Tea to Christina while i had Ice Summer Peach Tea. Christina was commenting that the jar used to put the tea is pretty cute. A small fork is provided too so you can eat the fruits that’s in the jar.

Desserts will be Yangsheng Poached Pear & Creme Brulee!

There’s nothing special about the Yangsheng Poached Pear so can skip this. I remember they used to have Chocolate Fondue but it’s not available now.

Creme Brulee is still good though! =)  Strongly recommended!



2 happy customers @ Tao’s! I’m glad Christina enjoy the food & service is good… Just like before! And it’s really important to have good service. It just seems to make the whole meal a more pleasant one =)

 But dinner is not over yet! What’s a birthday celebration without candles, cake or something special =)


page 6

At Tao’s, they don’t give cake but i thought this is very nice too! Love how they present it =)

I remember they used to give a scoop of ice cream only & put it in a bowl without much decorating but that was about 2 years ago when i gave my cousin Xin Lian a birthday treat @ Tao’s.

Happy Birthday Christina & may you be blessed with good health, lots of love & all the best in your jewellery business =)

I also got her a birthday present. It’s a cup from Precious Moments as i find it really nice! I also got her a box of green tea so she can start using the new cup. Hee!

I also got a gift from Christina & it’s a Jill Stuart lip gloss which she got it for me during her recent HK trip =)  Thanks! I’ll use it soon…

  • Tao’s Restaurant
  • PoMo (Formerly known as Paradiz Centre)
  • 1 Selegie Road #B1-19
  • Singapore 188306
  • Tel: 6339 8858



2 Responses to "Christina’s Birthday Celebration @ Tao’s Restaurant"

Hi! I was google-ing for Tao’s (going there next week) and I’m glad I read your post on it! =) Will drop by your blog more often!

Hi… Welcome to my blog! By the way… I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time too!! Hee… =)

Anyway hope you enjoy your meal @ Tao!

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