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A Nice Cosy Meet Up With A Dear Friend

Posted on: November 7, 2009

Recently arranged to meet up with an old friend! =)  She was my good friend from secondary school. Even though we don’t get to meet up very often, somehow it’s always great to see her & we got endless things to talk about.


page 6

We met @ Plaza Singapura Mos Burger to eat something first then went to Spotlight to shop for some stuff together. It was quite nice to walk around slowly & continue with our chit chat.

After we are done @ Spotlight, i suggest finding a place to sit down for a drink. And i saw Tea Cosy in front of me. But the place looks different & the shop name has changed too. It’s now called Ten Thousand Angels!


page 1

Indeed i have lots of angels by my side that day… All around me! =)


page 3

page 2


All above pictures are the various sitting areas for customers. Different kind of feel for every individual corners with different furnitures!


page 4

This cute little sleeping angel caught my eye!

By the way, haven’t shown you guys the drinks that we had. I had Hot Chocolate & Patricia got herself Earl Grey.  Initially she wanted this Queen Tea or Rose Tea but both are not available =_=

My hot chocolate taste nice & i really like the polka dot mug & the whole presentation with the colourful marshmallows =)


page 5

We had such a wonderful time relaxing in the cosy ambience, chit chat & taking pictures!

I can just sit there & read a magazine/book with a nice cup of hot drink!

Patricia & i had some fun with the colour accent mode with my camera. And it’s the first time for me to use this mode. Haha!

I’m the kind who don’t really try to play around with my camera various mode. Somehow i slowly learn when friends point out to me on how to improve my phototaking skills or share with me on the mode to use.

But @ least i learn something new again!


page 7

Patricia had something on but i stay on for dinner. After looking through the menu, i decide to try this new item – Bangers & Mash. The salad comes with my main course , it’s fresh & i like the dressing.

As for my main course, i enjoy it very much. I get to have my meat & with the coleslaw & mash potatoes = a great combination!

  • TenThousandAngels (Tea Cosy)
  • #05-10 Plaza Singapura (beside Spotlight)
  • Tel: 6835 7848

5 Responses to "A Nice Cosy Meet Up With A Dear Friend"

wow its a pretty place! should go and check it out sometime soon. anyway ive been reading your blog from time to time, i like how you love eating like me hehe

Hi Deborah =) Hope you enjoy your visit to Tea Cosy! By the way, how did you discover my blog? Anyway glad to receive your comment! Thanks & yes… I love to eat! That explains my weight gain during the past few years! Haha…

oh through lesdames! that was a longggg time ago 🙂

I see… =) By the way, do you have your own blog?

yup, luffagal.lj but i hardly update it with anything interesting. heh im more active on twitter!

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