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Ah Ma’s Birthday Celebration

Posted on: November 12, 2009

Another year has passed & it’s time to celebrate my grandma birthday =)  

Every year we will go to Jumbo but since the outlet @ Serangoon Garden Country Club has closed down already, we switch to a new venue =)

 As we came to try the food @ Ah Peng in Sep already, i shall not repeat the pictures but just show the dishes which we didn’t try during the first visit.


Longevity Buns aka “Shou Tao” for the elderly birthday is a must =)
That’s why for the past 2-3 years, i’ll always try to include a “Shou Tao” design on the birthday cake for grandma.
But this year there was no cake cause grandma insist not to order as she don’t want too much money to be spent on the cake  =_=   Don’t blame her but i’m happy to order. The design for this year cake was quite special so a bit sad that there was no cake. Maybe next year i just go ahead & order without telling grandma =)

page 1
 The Oatmeal Prawns is nice – Prawns are pretty big & it’s fresh!
As for the Roast Suckling Pig… OMG! It’s yummy even though it’s so sinful… =)  Enough fats & crispy skin!
And the crabs that night was really good! Lots of roe!!!
Simply love such gathering with good food , nice wine (thanks to my 4th aunt’s hubby) & do some catching up with each other.
My grandma was really happy with the food that night =)  I hereby wish her good health & may she be blessed with lots of luck for 4D & TOTO!

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