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High Tea @ Straits Cafe

Posted on: November 18, 2009

It’s time for my monthly high tea session with Christina & Ivy =)  And it’s always good when there’s some promotion! Our venue this time??


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They currently have this 3 for 2 promotion (just nice for the 3 of us) so i didn’t get to use the Women’s Weekly 1 – 1 voucher. Will use that for another time!

And if you look @ the lower picture, it’s the newly renovated Straits Cafe! I’ve been here once & it was last year june during my birthday. I like the new layout – simple & whole place seems to look brighter!



DIY Popiah Station which i didn’t make any! Haha… Was happily walking around, taking pictures & trying out other food. But i did make 2 “Kueh Pie Tee” to try & it’s good! =)

I think i’m the kind who needs @ least 2 visits to fully try out all the food as i spent quite a bit of time chatting with my friends & taking pictures.



Dessert Section! Not a very wide spread but it’s ok for me. I just wish they can add chocolate fondue!! =)  My favourite!

But i took the Durian Fudge Cake & Durian Pengat to try & it’s good! Can see the durian flesh in the pengat… Nice!!


page 2

For the Cold Selection, i quite enjoy the prawns, sushi & jellyfish in shooter cups!

And we were given a good table as there was enough privacy for us to chat & we were near the hot drinks section. Makes it very convenient for us!

Let me show you some of the food that i’ve tried.


page 4

There was Salmon Sashimi & it’s very fresh!! Quite rare to see sashimi for high tea though (at least for the ones i’ve tried so far).

By the way, i like the picture of Christina holding the cup! The lightings is good & the picture turns out very nice =)


page 3

For the hot food section, i enjoy the satay a lot!! Very tender & the sauce is pretty good. The rest of the spread is pretty decent so no complaints.

Chawanmushi is pretty ok! It was warm when i took it & i’m ok with the taste. And usually i enjoy bread so when i saw Ivy toasting the bread, i also got one & took the egg mayonnaise, tuna , peanut butter & BUTTER!! My favourite =)

I was having a good time spreading different stuff on my bread & enjoy it slowly!

There was also Laksa & a DIY Rojak section which i didn’t try but i remember having it during the June’08 lunch buffet. 

For my next visit, i intend to concentrate more on desserts first cause this time when i went for the desserts, it looks kind of empty already (towards end of buffet already) so i just went straight for the Durian Fudge Cake & Durian Pengat.


page 5

 All of us really like Straits Cafe for the ambience & range of food & with the promotion, it’s really quite worth it.

Great venue for gatherings! Somehow it gives a nice homely cosy feeling.

I intend to come back here during end Nov with my bro, his gf + my bestie & her family too. And morever there’s the Women’s Weekly 1 – 1 voucher so it’s great when you get to save quite a bit.

Now counting down to next month high tea with Christina & Ivy! This time we are going to Equinox & it be the X’mas month… I’m sure the festive mood must be good =)  Can’t wait!

  • Straits Cafe @ Rendezvous Hotel
  • Tel: 6335 1777

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