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A Nice Leisurely Saturday With Patricia

Posted on: November 25, 2009

Thanks to Women’s Weekly for the 1 – 1 booklet , i arranged to go for high tea with Patricia @ Lobby Lounge , InterContinental.


Before i talk about high tea @ InterContinental, i would like to share this picture with everyone. I was @ the bus stop when i saw this cloud! The shape was kind of interesting… If you look towards the right hand side of the cloud, i thought i can see the shape of a face & also the eye , nose & mouth (looks like blowing something out).

Well this is what i see lah =) 


Lobby Lounge @ InterContinental

I really like the ambience here! Really nice & cosy with a colonial feel =)  And i like the chandeliers… Really nice & elegant!

Patricia & i really felt really relaxed , enjoy some food while we had a nice chat!


The upper picture is where the food & desserts are displayed.

The picture below is where you can get some sandwich which is made on the spot by the chef if the ones on display is not to your liking.


The whole spread is not a lot but since there’s a 1 – 1 offer , i thought it’s not so bad.

And there’s free flow coffee & tea including iced tea , iced mocha ,etc. So i thought this is pretty good as you can get to enjoy a variety of iced & hot drinks.


I really love the comfy chair that i was sitting on. I can just sit there all day, read a book/magazine & order a drink to enjoy!

And trust me… It’s easy to spend 3 hours @ the Lobby Lounge in such an environment! At least that’s the case for me =)

By the way… I saw FANN WONG @ Lobby Lounge! But i was kind of pai seh to approach her for a picture… Haha!

  • Lobby Lounge @ InterContinental
  • Tel: 6825 1046


I just like Christmas season =)  Love the nice festive mood!

After high tea, we walked around Bugis Junction to do some shopping. Then we decide to take a bus to Suntec for mussels as i was getting a bit hungry. Patricia suggested Oosters but somehow we can’t find the restaurant =_=


So we walked around & see what we can find for dinner & end up we saw 2 X’mas trees so we start taking pictures again. Hee!

Good chance for me to add more pictures to my X’mas photo album!


Finally it’s dinner time & we decide to try Skinny Pizza. I let Patricia choose & she opt for “Provence” which is a healthy choice. It’s an all vege pizza & the base sauce is pretty good – i think it’s pesto sauce.

Just look @ the picture! Isn’t it nice & colourful =)  The staff helped us cut the 12 inch pizza into 4 portions & i pick up a piece to enjoy. OMG… The base is just like cracker! Really crispy!!

I enjoyed my pizza meal & i’ll definitely be back to try out other range like Squid Ink , Wild Truffled Mushroom , Meatball Bolognaise & the Truffle Fries! Talking about this now makes me hungry!

  • Skinny Pizza
  • Suntec City #01-002
  • Tel: 6333 9774


And after all this eating… It’s time to walk around! Crabtree & Evelyn was having a 20% sale & i wanted to get this Mini Hand Therapy Sampler Set which consist of 6 different range but it was sold out everywhere =_=

So i just got the Lavender one (box of 3 25ml size).

Anyway it seems quite a while that i get to walk so much! Towards the end of the night, i think my legs starts to ache a bit already so we went to O’ Gambinos @ Raffles City for a drink.



I had the Cosmopolitan & i kind of like the glass they used =)

It’s my first time @ this place & i’m glad it wasn’t crowded. Great for us as we can get to rest without being in a noisy environment.

It was really a great meet up with Patricia – high tea , shopping , enjoy nice pizza & end the night with a drink!

Can’t wait to see her again next month as she be organizing a X’mas party!


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