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Eric & Wenli Wedding

Posted on: December 3, 2009

Before i start to talk about the wedding, i want to thank my dad for driving me to Orchard Parade Hotel to attend the wedding =)

Initial plans was i just want my dad to bring me to the MRT station @ AMK but it was raining & my dad was worried that i’ll get caught in the rain *so sweet*


I was so glad to see everyone. I was telling Wenhui that all of us were @ her wedding last year & now she’s pregnant & it was Wenli’s wedding night – Double Happiness!!

And i like how Wenhui’s mum looked that night! I couldn’t recognize her at first… Haha! She looked very elegant with her hair bun up & her cheongsam was very nice.


Look @ Wenli =)  She looked really GORGEOUS that night!! No wonder everyone say you 最美的 moment is when you are a bride =)  With the hair & make up + the gown = a beautiful creation!  ♥ Pretty ♥

For Eric & Wenli – they are one of the sweetest couple i’ve ever known & i’m truly happy for them & i’m sure they be blessed with a blissful marriage!


See the upper top right picture, they customize a sticker with their names for the invitation card =)  And i got a muffin as the wedding favor – something different from the usual like coaster, shooter glass, etc.


It’s the first time for me to attend a wedding dinner with a military march in with swordbearers at the side of the aisle =)  And the couple was very on to overcome the obstacles!

Overall it’s a nice & sweet wedding with lots of blessing from everyone. There were even performances by Wenli’s colleague & volunteer friends (if i’m not wrong). It was a very nice & touching moment!

Once again… Congratulations to ♥ Eric & Wenli ♥


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