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A Day Of Good Food & Shopping!

Posted on: December 15, 2009

It started off with shopping @ Metro Paragon =)  Previously there was two 20% sale @ Metro but i wasn’t in a rush to replenish my stuff. So this time i had to go as some of my items are finishing.


Got this lovely pink polka dots luggage as a free gift from Ettusais! =)

Ettusais is 1 makeup brand which i’ve been using for quite long & it’s quite easy to fill up their rewards card after 2-3 purchase + i like their free gifts. Products which i like are the Day Protect Powder & Body Spray!


After i’m done with my shopping, it’s time for lunch & i decide to go to Sushi Tei as i got cravings for the cold ramen =)

It’s the first time for me to be at the counter seats & it’s a nice experience. I get to see part of the kitchen & watch them prepared the food, there were fresh big lobsters in the fish tank & yummy sashimi on display right in front of me!

It was a great lunch for me which consist of my favourite cold ramen & very fresh salmon sashimi =)


Since Takashimaya is just opposite the road, i walked over wanting to take some pictures of the X’mas trees. You will see the Bear X’mas tree when you enter Taka by the main entrance!

As for the Tall X’mas tree which is always @ the same spot (in front of customer service, LV area), not much difference from previous years. Just maybe a  change of colours… But still nice for picture taking though!


On my way to the mrt station, i walk pass Crabtree & Evelyn & this time it’s another 20% sale with POSB/DBS cards. I walked in & see if there’s any new stocks for the Mini Hand Therapy Sampler set as it was sold out during the previous 20% sale.

I was in luck as new stocks have arrived & i quickly grab a box!

By the time i get home, i was kind of tired already. Quickly take a rest before going for dinner @ Nakhon Kitchen with my family.


This time we order some new dishes to try as it’s the first time @ Nakhon Kitchen for my other family members.

Food is still pretty good but for my dad & grandma, they find the food a bit salty. By the way, do order the Clear Seafood Tom Yum Soup… I find it better than the one with coconut milk.

Anyway something weird happened that evening! 

I reach Nakhon Kitchen earlier with my brother & his gf  to get a table as they don’t accept reservations. We managed to get a table immediately as we reach early and my brother called my dad so they can come over to join us.

Strangely, both my brother & i tried calling my dad’s hp & the house number but there was no connection at all. I’m not sure if it apply to Singtel users only! But thankfully my dad decide to come earlier without waiting for our call.


2 Responses to "A Day Of Good Food & Shopping!"

I am also using the Ettusais body spray… it works well for my back! 🙂 i didn’t buy this time round during the metro sales…coz stock up the other time liao : ] The food looks good!

Hey Eileen… I realised that we do have quite a bit in common in terms of food we like, shopping, etc! =) Oh ya… Do try the cold ramen if yo haven’t try it before!

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