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X’mas Photo-taking @ Orchard

Posted on: December 16, 2009

Last week i went to Orchard for some photo-taking with my brother & Angeline =)  My main job was to be the photographer for them! Haha.


My brother brought us to Bukit Merah View ( i think it’s Blk 116) to try out this teochew porridge. It’s my first time here (my brother & his gf been here before but it was quite long ago) & when i arrived, i see a long queue @ this stall. Very good business!

Food is quite good & prices are very reasonable too as the whole meal only cost around $10+.

After dinner, we went on to Orchard for photo-taking. It was fun as we walked around slowly, enjoy viewing the X’mas decorations & take some pictures.


Most picture were taken using their camera as i myself have already taken pictures of X’mas trees & decoration @ quite a few locations already.

i only took some @ Paragon with my own camera & the effect was quite nice!

I just love the X’mas season! =)


I walk passed Prada when we were leaving Paragon & i saw this. It’s so lovely =)   I don’t mind getting one if i got extra cash!


2 Responses to "X’mas Photo-taking @ Orchard"

That Teochew Porridge store is Roy & Ros Fav!!!!! Opp is my granny’s house so we always go there!!!!
Nice food and cheap but long queue.
ANd I love the Prada keychains!!!!! Boo. If I am there will definitely get it!
Merry Xmas, June!!!!

Hey…. High 5! =) The teochew porridge is really not bad! Btw the Prada key chain is nice hor! But i don’t want to spent too much lah. Hee!

Anyway Merry X’mas to you too! Have a blessed one & enjoy all your celebrations ok! *hugz*

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