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Dinner @ Ootoya With Wenhui

Posted on: December 24, 2009

Last month when i meet Wenhui for dinner @ Marmalade Pantry, i already suggested to her that we can come to Ootoya @ Orchard Central for our X’mas meet up =)

I was quite excited about coming here for dinner as i heard lots of positive reviews about Ootoya!


At Ootoya, they don’t accept reservations so it’s best to go earlier if you can. And i thought by reaching at 6.30pm should be fine but it turns out to be quite packed already.

Luckily there were 2 counter seats that’s @ the entrance & we don’t mind so we get to sit down immediately! Hee.


One interesting thing @ Ootoya is that they will state the level of calories for every dish! =)   But i was more engrossed in choosing what to eat & i decide to try this Sweet & Sour Chicken set!

Oh my… It’s really good including the vegetables! I think the vinegar that they used is quite special & the taste is nice & appetizing!

And good news for those who loves rice…. It’s free flow!


We wanted to take a picture together but due to the seating arrangement, we had to turn to the back & somehow the effect turns out nicely!


We saw this tall X’mas tree @ Orchard Central when we were about to leave so we just had to take one picture since it’s the X’mas season!

By now, Wenhui’s tummy is getting bigger already & i’m looking forward to see the little one =)

We walked around @ OG & Robinsons as Wenhui wants to look @ some baby stuff since she can start stocking up already. Even i myself start to look around for suitable gift already – i enjoy shopping for babies & little kids =)


We ended the night @ TCC Centrepoint with some nice drinks & we have the gift exchange!! And we got something for each other from Takashimaya ♥♥♥

Wenhui got me a nice braclet & coin purse while i got her this Winnie The Pooh towel set.

By the way, i must talk about the drink that i had! They have 2 specials for the X’mas season & i tried the latte. I love the chocolate X’mas tree shape thingy – it’s very nice!!

Another great X’mas meet up with my dear friend =)  I really treasure all my meet up with Wenhui now cause from next April onwards, she won’t have much free time to come out so often as she be busy with her baby!


5 Responses to "Dinner @ Ootoya With Wenhui"

I am missing ootoya! Must go eat soon hehehee.. yea..have to either go earlier or later for meals at ootoya.. dun go during the actual meal times if you wanna get a table seat 🙂

Thanks Eileen… Will take note! =)

Hi June,

Haven been here for a long while. Been bz with lotsa stuff.

The sauce is really special eh? We can’t put a finger to how to describe the sauce It’s really light yet tasty. Love the food. But then, after the whole meal, I felt very thirsty.

Hi Jolene =) How have you been?? I do still go to your blog once in a while but i’m kind of lazy to leave comments… Pai seh lah! But i’m a regular reader of your blog =)

Regarding the meal @ Ootoya, i can’t remember the thirsty part! Maybe i drank quite a lot of the tea that they provided & usually i end the night with a drink @ some cafe with my friend so maybe i don’t really get a chance to experience the thirsty part. So you think there’s a lot of msg?? But i must say i really like the sauce… Yum! Haha!

Indeed the sauce is very special. I’ll bring my hubby there one day coz he likes jap food. Ootoya really have got ver unique taste. Me likey.

Haiyo no worries about not leaving comments la. Just have lesser joy in receiving and reading only.Haha…

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