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25th Dec’09

Actual day of X’mas is usually spent @ my 4th aunt’s place & i will attend unless i’m overseas for holiday. I think so far it has happened only once or twice! But i’ll always try to stay in S’pore as it’s a time to catch up with everyone =)


Xin Lian & her bf Lester never fails to amaze me with the food that they prepared! 2 great chefs & i was telling Xin Lian that they can open a catering company already! =)

And i like the vege sticks that my 4th aunt always prepared… Goes so well with the home made yummy sauce!!


I didn’t want to keep walking around so fill up my whole plate with food. Looking @ this makes me drool….


And there’s endless supply of food, wine & desserts for all of us!

I simply love such gatherings! =)  CNY is coming & it means another round of reunion with everyone + enjoy yummy food!!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable X’mas celebration with loved ones & friends! For me, it was an awesome month


24th Dec’09

It’s the 3rd celebration for the week & it’s X’mas eve!! =)   This year celebration was held @ Patricia’s bf place & the theme was Pajamas Night Party!!


This is the goodie bag which Patricia & Stefan prepared for everyone =)  It’s really nice & so thoughtful of them!


And i got a surprise when i reach the venue… Haha! See these 2 rabbits!! I call them Xiao Bai & Xiao Hei…. They had different shifts & i saw Xiao Bai on this chair when i arrived. It’s like they were there to welcome the guests =)  So cute…..


Everyone brought something along for the gift exchange!


Look @ the spread & it’s only part of it!! There were some other items in the kitchen too like satay, chicken wings, etc.


I contributed a log cake that night & it’s from Bengawan Solo! Usually i buy from the cake shop which is convenient for me to purchase the log cake due to location and/or time constraint.

Personally i kind of enjoy getting log cake for X’mas parties cause every year i like to see the various designs from the different cake shops =)


It was nice to enjoy the food & chat with everyone in such a relaxed ambience that’s filled with lots of festive mood! =)

And my very thoughtful friend Patricia bought me a gift which is a bag hook! And she’s really very creative… You see the different eye mask in the picture? It’s all hand made by her… =)


I like this picture with Ear Ear!! You are going to see lots of pictures of Ear Ear friends in my Tokyo travel post =)


And we had games for entertainment! Everyone was having fun… And Eileen’s daughter really enjoyed it! =)


That night was also Diana’s birthday! And a friend of her’s that she invited William also shared the same birthday =)

And on that morning @ 10+ , my friend Liqing also gave birth to a X’mas eve baby boy! Oh my…. Lots of X’mas eve babies around me!!


One BIG surprise which i get from this party is to see my primary school friend Peiyan! I find her very familiar when she walked in  =)  It was a very happy & nice reunion with her!


Nice group picture before we go home! Awesome party by Stefan & Patricia =)  Thanks for inviting me & i had lots of fun! Anyway 1 week plus after this party, we went on a great trip to Tokyo together =) 

Great bunch of people to hang out with! We are now planning a meet up soon to go for nice hawker food!! Can’t wait….

Sorry for the lack of updates… I don’t know why but i’m kind of lazy to update my blog + December & January is quite a busy month for me when it comes to gatherings + travel.

Anyway let’s continue with my X’mas gatherings! =)

It’s the second meet up for the week & this time it’s with my friends from ITE. Even though i was there for only a year, i’m glad i managed to meet some really nice friends.

For this gatherings, quite a few couldn’t make it =_=  I hope the attendance for the next one will be better lah.


It’s good that the venue was @ Magdelene’s place as she got 2 young kids so it may be hard for her to enjoy herself if she bring both kids out.


And being @ someone’s house, everyone is more comfy & just enjoy the food & do some catching up with friends.


Sarah is such a sweet girl… Had fun playing with her! Her baby brother was resting so i didn’t take a picture of him but he has grown so much! And if i’m not wrong, he’s just a few months old & he’s pretty big size already =)

Will definitely try to take a picture when i see Baby Sean next time! Hee…

Looking forward to see Magdelene & Judy during CNY =)  Judy is back from Australia for a visit & we be meeting up! Haven’t seen Judy for quite long so i’m looking forward to it.

Starting from this gathering, it was going to be a whole week filled X’mas meet ups with friends & loved ones. But i’m not complaining =)

Anyway this gathering is with my secondary school mates – Peishan & Rosane! =)  Ellena can’t make it cause she’s busy =_=

Anyway i suggest to have dinner @ Tea Cosy & i’m glad everyone likes this place! =)  Let me show you the food that we tried.


We ordered a salad to share first & we tried this Tofu Salad! It’s pretty refreshing & light… Very healthy choice!

As for main course, Rosane had the Bangers & Mash while Peishan had Prawn Pasta Aglio Olio.


As for me, i tried the Braised Duck Pasta & it’s really nice! I wonder what they add to the sauce… Really yummy!

Generally i enjoyed the main course @ Tea Cosy! And i’m planning to come back here with my cousins Xin Lian & Gladys when i’m back from my Japan trip.


We like the place so much that we order cakes & tea to share while we continue our catching up session.


It was a lovely meet up with everyone! No awkward moments @ all even though i’ve not seen them for quite long =) Love you girls *hugz*

And i’m really glad all of you take the effort to make it for this gathering. I hope Ellena can join us for the next one!


Recently on Christmas Day that night, my cousin Yiqi appeared on tv again! I’m glad that his shop has been getting quite a lot of media exposure & i hope everyone will try to get more knowledge about going green =)

Do show some support & pay him a visit @ his shop located @ 26A Sago Street!

A week plus ago i went to Seafood Paradise @ Defu Lane for dinner with my family.

I’ve been here once before they were renovated. And today i’m back to try out the food again.


This is the interior of the indoor seats.


I can’t really remember all the names of the dishes but i must say the food here is really good.

Anyway i try to give a short description on the dishes that i’ve tried =)

The above 2 dishes are the Wasabi Prawns & as for the vegetables dish, i can’t remember the actual name! Both are really yummy… Prawns were pretty big & fresh while the stock used for the vegetables was very sweet.


The above picture is Frog Legs with Chicken Essence in it. I tried this before during my first visit. This time some of us find that there isn’t much of chicken essence taste! I find it quite good but can be quite ex! I think this cost about $28. Haha. Anyway for this dish, try to enjoy it while it’s hot!

As for the below picture, i think it’s some Roast Chicken dish. I kind of like it being prepared in this way.


Personally i like to eat crabs but can be quite troublesome when it’s coming to the shell part. But i like how they prepared it @ Seafood Paradise as they cracked the shells pretty well & it comes off easily! *Shiok*

The fish dish should be Cod Fish if i remember correctly. Very fresh! Highly recommended!

And the Orh Nee is here is quite unique. They added almond sauce thingy & for me i can accept the taste mixed with the Orh Nee. I find it pretty nice! But next time i would prefer to share it as i was very FULL after finishing the Orh Nee.

Overall the food & service are pretty good & i would like to come back again.

  • Seafood Paradise @ Defu Lane
  • 91 Defu Lane 10, Swee Hin Building
  • Singapore 539221
  • Tel: 6487 2429


  • Opening Hours:
  • Mon – Sat
    11.00am- 2.30pm (last order at 2.15pm)
    5.30pm – 11.00pm (last order at 10.30pm)
  • Sun & PH
    5.00pm – 11.00pm (last order at 10.30pm)

Free open air limited carpark within building and street parking



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