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X’mas Gathering @ Mag’s Place

Posted on: January 21, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates… I don’t know why but i’m kind of lazy to update my blog + December & January is quite a busy month for me when it comes to gatherings + travel.

Anyway let’s continue with my X’mas gatherings! =)

It’s the second meet up for the week & this time it’s with my friends from ITE. Even though i was there for only a year, i’m glad i managed to meet some really nice friends.

For this gatherings, quite a few couldn’t make it =_=  I hope the attendance for the next one will be better lah.


It’s good that the venue was @ Magdelene’s place as she got 2 young kids so it may be hard for her to enjoy herself if she bring both kids out.


And being @ someone’s house, everyone is more comfy & just enjoy the food & do some catching up with friends.


Sarah is such a sweet girl… Had fun playing with her! Her baby brother was resting so i didn’t take a picture of him but he has grown so much! And if i’m not wrong, he’s just a few months old & he’s pretty big size already =)

Will definitely try to take a picture when i see Baby Sean next time! Hee…

Looking forward to see Magdelene & Judy during CNY =)  Judy is back from Australia for a visit & we be meeting up! Haven’t seen Judy for quite long so i’m looking forward to it.


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