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X’mas Eve Celebration

Posted on: January 23, 2010

24th Dec’09

It’s the 3rd celebration for the week & it’s X’mas eve!! =)   This year celebration was held @ Patricia’s bf place & the theme was Pajamas Night Party!!


This is the goodie bag which Patricia & Stefan prepared for everyone =)  It’s really nice & so thoughtful of them!


And i got a surprise when i reach the venue… Haha! See these 2 rabbits!! I call them Xiao Bai & Xiao Hei…. They had different shifts & i saw Xiao Bai on this chair when i arrived. It’s like they were there to welcome the guests =)  So cute…..


Everyone brought something along for the gift exchange!


Look @ the spread & it’s only part of it!! There were some other items in the kitchen too like satay, chicken wings, etc.


I contributed a log cake that night & it’s from Bengawan Solo! Usually i buy from the cake shop which is convenient for me to purchase the log cake due to location and/or time constraint.

Personally i kind of enjoy getting log cake for X’mas parties cause every year i like to see the various designs from the different cake shops =)


It was nice to enjoy the food & chat with everyone in such a relaxed ambience that’s filled with lots of festive mood! =)

And my very thoughtful friend Patricia bought me a gift which is a bag hook! And she’s really very creative… You see the different eye mask in the picture? It’s all hand made by her… =)


I like this picture with Ear Ear!! You are going to see lots of pictures of Ear Ear friends in my Tokyo travel post =)


And we had games for entertainment! Everyone was having fun… And Eileen’s daughter really enjoyed it! =)


That night was also Diana’s birthday! And a friend of her’s that she invited William also shared the same birthday =)

And on that morning @ 10+ , my friend Liqing also gave birth to a X’mas eve baby boy! Oh my…. Lots of X’mas eve babies around me!!


One BIG surprise which i get from this party is to see my primary school friend Peiyan! I find her very familiar when she walked in  =)  It was a very happy & nice reunion with her!


Nice group picture before we go home! Awesome party by Stefan & Patricia =)  Thanks for inviting me & i had lots of fun! Anyway 1 week plus after this party, we went on a great trip to Tokyo together =) 

Great bunch of people to hang out with! We are now planning a meet up soon to go for nice hawker food!! Can’t wait….


2 Responses to "X’mas Eve Celebration"

I love riLakuma!!! 😀
as in wad u refer to as ” ear ear”

Hi Gladys =) I always can’t remember the full name… I only know it’s Rila something! Haha…. Ear Ear is the name of the rilakuma which belongs to my friend’s bf. Hee!

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