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A Day Filled With B’day Celebrations – My Dear Penelopy & 外婆

Posted on: February 26, 2010

27th Dec’09

2 months ago my bestie invited me to my god-daughter Penelopy’s 3rd birthday celebration. The venue was @ Ellenborough Market Cafe , Merchant Court Hotel.

Time flies & she has grown so much. And parents nowadays are really doting towards their kids! See the princess outfit on Penelopy… It cost about $60-70+ from Mothercare & it’s from her dad Kenny =)

It even comes with a tiara but i was telling Phy that it looks like something that Wonderwoman was wearing! Haha…


As it was the X’mas month, the menu included some items that’s suits the X’mas theme =)

It’s my first time trying the food @ Ellenborough Market Cafe. Food was pretty decent & i may come back to try the high tea with Christina & Ivy =)


As you can see from Penelopy’s outfit & birthday cake, it’s a princess theme for her lah =)   And she was into Princess Aurora during that month!

Phy got a lovely cake from Bengawan Solo – love the crunchy chocolate bits in the cake!


It’s good that Phy created a list of “What To Buy” items for Penelopy’s birthday presents on her blog & i opt to buy this Disney Princess school bag.

But the bag is a little big for her now so i guess have to wait a while more before she gets to use it. Hee!


I was glad to have some time with Phy alone to have a nice chat when someone was helping to look after Penelopy. Thanks for inviting me to this birthday lunch buffet with all of you =)


2nd Round of Celebration

Dinner was @ my 外婆 house for her birthday celebration & we are having buffet dinner! 2 buffets in 1 day! =)


The 2 little ones are my cousins’ kids & they are so adorable lah =)


 And here is the birthday girl =)  May my 外婆 be blessed with good health & lots of love!

Cause she has pretty bad asthma problems & i hope that will improve for her lah & may there be less conflicts bwtween the children (it all started with 1 of her children… Sianz)

May this world be filled with more & laughters =)



4 Responses to "A Day Filled With B’day Celebrations – My Dear Penelopy & 外婆"

Penelopy is so cute in that outfit.. hee. I saw OG selling such costumes..about 100++~!! kids’ stuff getting ex lah..

Your grandma how old? 🙂 Sigh..i know what u mean 。 家家有本难念的经。。 Happy belated bday to your grandma~ 🙂

Hi Eileen =) How was your CNY? And i agree about the ex price tag for kids stuff… It’s comparable to the price for adults clothes leh!

As for my grandma, she’s in her 80’s. It used to be ok when i was young & my ah gong was still around but now i see conflicts & sometimes my grandma is unhappy. Main problem lies with 1 of my uncle, i really don’t like his/his family attitude. Sianz!

Charmaine has a similar princess dress!

Really…. =) I guess most little girls will have at least 1 princess outfit… Hee! I went to a friend’s daughter birthday party last month & she was wearing snow white outfit! So cute lah….

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