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Today is my dad’s birthday & i wish him good health & may everything be “Shun Shun” (goes smoothly) for him =)

The above picture of the Shou Tao was complimentry from Hua Ting @ Orchard Hotel which was last Sunday when i gave everyone a treat. And since my dad’s birthday was coming, i ask for Shou Tao & i didn’t know the presentation was so nice!!

This year my dad invited the rest of my aunts & their family & i’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner @ Seafood Paradise (Defu Lane)!

I’ve been here once in Jan with my family & you can read about the reviews here. I personally like the food but service may be a bit slow at times as i find them a bit understaffed.

Anyway can’t wait to surprise my dad with the customized cake that i order for him! Hope it turns out nice as it’s the first time i’m ordering from this cake shop.



The customized cake which i got from Yiling Confectionery =)  This design is called the Bao Zhong cake (the big white round thingy is the Bao & Green one is the Dumpling “Zhong Zhi”!!

As for the Shou Tao, i requested them to add in for me (no extra charge) & it looked SO NICE!!!!

It’s very worth spending $82 on such a nice 2kg customized cake & i’m happy that my dad likes the cake!


Once again…. Happy Birthday Dad =)


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