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Just started this simple blog to share my thoughts n also on places i’ve been to for travelling n makan =)  Hope u enjoy reading my blog


11 Responses to "June"

can i link ur blog to mine…so informative,….and yummy….=)

Sure….. Wat’s ur’s so i can add u too?

Hi, i love reading your block. Chance upon ur post on the wedding gown for loan at Punggol, would u be able to provide me with more info such as the sizes, the range, the contact number and address? thanks!!

Hi w3ngal =) Perhaps u can google for “Just Gowns / Lush Gowns”. They are the same, just that they have different range. Cause i gave the name card to a friend who’s keen to go & take a look too. U can get the contact & address from the website.

Btw do you have a blog too?

Hi, thanks! i managed to find the website online. i dont have blog yet but on the way. my multiply is http://www.w3ngal.multiply.com =)

Hey, glad you found the website. Hope you can find something that you like! =)

thanks dear =)

Don’t mention! =) Have a great weekend!

I love your site. Keep it up !

Hi knowledgetoday,

Thanks for your compliments! =)

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