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Today is my dad’s birthday & i wish him good health & may everything be “Shun Shun” (goes smoothly) for him =)

The above picture of the Shou Tao was complimentry from Hua Ting @ Orchard Hotel which was last Sunday when i gave everyone a treat. And since my dad’s birthday was coming, i ask for Shou Tao & i didn’t know the presentation was so nice!!

This year my dad invited the rest of my aunts & their family & i’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner @ Seafood Paradise (Defu Lane)!

I’ve been here once in Jan with my family & you can read about the reviews here. I personally like the food but service may be a bit slow at times as i find them a bit understaffed.

Anyway can’t wait to surprise my dad with the customized cake that i order for him! Hope it turns out nice as it’s the first time i’m ordering from this cake shop.



The customized cake which i got from Yiling Confectionery =)  This design is called the Bao Zhong cake (the big white round thingy is the Bao & Green one is the Dumpling “Zhong Zhi”!!

As for the Shou Tao, i requested them to add in for me (no extra charge) & it looked SO NICE!!!!

It’s very worth spending $82 on such a nice 2kg customized cake & i’m happy that my dad likes the cake!


Once again…. Happy Birthday Dad =)


27th Dec’09

2 months ago my bestie invited me to my god-daughter Penelopy’s 3rd birthday celebration. The venue was @ Ellenborough Market Cafe , Merchant Court Hotel.

Time flies & she has grown so much. And parents nowadays are really doting towards their kids! See the princess outfit on Penelopy… It cost about $60-70+ from Mothercare & it’s from her dad Kenny =)

It even comes with a tiara but i was telling Phy that it looks like something that Wonderwoman was wearing! Haha…


As it was the X’mas month, the menu included some items that’s suits the X’mas theme =)

It’s my first time trying the food @ Ellenborough Market Cafe. Food was pretty decent & i may come back to try the high tea with Christina & Ivy =)


As you can see from Penelopy’s outfit & birthday cake, it’s a princess theme for her lah =)   And she was into Princess Aurora during that month!

Phy got a lovely cake from Bengawan Solo – love the crunchy chocolate bits in the cake!


It’s good that Phy created a list of “What To Buy” items for Penelopy’s birthday presents on her blog & i opt to buy this Disney Princess school bag.

But the bag is a little big for her now so i guess have to wait a while more before she gets to use it. Hee!


I was glad to have some time with Phy alone to have a nice chat when someone was helping to look after Penelopy. Thanks for inviting me to this birthday lunch buffet with all of you =)


2nd Round of Celebration

Dinner was @ my 外婆 house for her birthday celebration & we are having buffet dinner! 2 buffets in 1 day! =)


The 2 little ones are my cousins’ kids & they are so adorable lah =)


 And here is the birthday girl =)  May my 外婆 be blessed with good health & lots of love!

Cause she has pretty bad asthma problems & i hope that will improve for her lah & may there be less conflicts bwtween the children (it all started with 1 of her children… Sianz)

May this world be filled with more & laughters =)


Another year has passed & it’s time to celebrate my grandma birthday =)  

Every year we will go to Jumbo but since the outlet @ Serangoon Garden Country Club has closed down already, we switch to a new venue =)

 As we came to try the food @ Ah Peng in Sep already, i shall not repeat the pictures but just show the dishes which we didn’t try during the first visit.


Longevity Buns aka “Shou Tao” for the elderly birthday is a must =)
That’s why for the past 2-3 years, i’ll always try to include a “Shou Tao” design on the birthday cake for grandma.
But this year there was no cake cause grandma insist not to order as she don’t want too much money to be spent on the cake  =_=   Don’t blame her but i’m happy to order. The design for this year cake was quite special so a bit sad that there was no cake. Maybe next year i just go ahead & order without telling grandma =)

page 1
 The Oatmeal Prawns is nice – Prawns are pretty big & it’s fresh!
As for the Roast Suckling Pig… OMG! It’s yummy even though it’s so sinful… =)  Enough fats & crispy skin!
And the crabs that night was really good! Lots of roe!!!
Simply love such gathering with good food , nice wine (thanks to my 4th aunt’s hubby) & do some catching up with each other.
My grandma was really happy with the food that night =)  I hereby wish her good health & may she be blessed with lots of luck for 4D & TOTO!

It’s Christina’s birthday & it turns out to be a belated one as i missed her birthday celebration @ The Dining Room , Sheraton Tower cause i was sick =_=   So end up she went ahead with her sister for the high tea.

Then Christina had a holiday trip with her boyfriend & they were going to HK! =)  And again it has to be delayed until recently, we finally managed to meet up for dinner!


page 1

Part of the interior @ Tao’s!

This is my 4th visit to Tao’s but it’s Christina first so i decide to bring her here for dinner to try out the food =)


page 2

After you have placed your order, they will serve you the Mango Sorbet which is available for dinner only.

And a short while later, they will serve you the bread to go with the Bacon & Mushroom Gratin. This is good – slightly salty but goes so well with the bread.

The grilled mushroom (also available only during the dinner) came after the salad. The sauce goes well with it.


page 3

If i remember correctly, i always order the Fruit Salad & i really like it so this time i order it again so Christina can try. Smoked Salmon Salad was never on the menu during my previous 3 visits so we got this too since both of us like smoked salmon.

Soup wise… Mushroom Soup is strongly recommended & so i got Christina to order that =)  As for myself, i decide to try something different & i got the Shark-fin Melon Herbal Soup. This is good & tasty too! It taste like it has been brewed for a long time.


page 4

Christina’s main course was Grilled Snapper With Japanese Sauce while mine was the Slow Cooked Pork Back Ribs.

Christina’s grilled snapper was fresh & has no fishy taste. I thought the portion was quite big – it’s a pretty thick slice of fish! And she was so cute when she let me try her grilled snapper.

She was like cutting half a slice for me & she still could tell me that “It’s ok June… It’s a small slice, skin only lah!” Haha…. =_=

As for mine, i tried it during my 1st visit to Tao’s & i like it a lot. They make it in such a way that the pork ribs is very tender. The meat just seems to slid off the bone without much effort. And i like the mashed sweet potato very much too!


page 5

I recommend the Rose Apple Tea to Christina while i had Ice Summer Peach Tea. Christina was commenting that the jar used to put the tea is pretty cute. A small fork is provided too so you can eat the fruits that’s in the jar.

Desserts will be Yangsheng Poached Pear & Creme Brulee!

There’s nothing special about the Yangsheng Poached Pear so can skip this. I remember they used to have Chocolate Fondue but it’s not available now.

Creme Brulee is still good though! =)  Strongly recommended!



2 happy customers @ Tao’s! I’m glad Christina enjoy the food & service is good… Just like before! And it’s really important to have good service. It just seems to make the whole meal a more pleasant one =)

 But dinner is not over yet! What’s a birthday celebration without candles, cake or something special =)


page 6

At Tao’s, they don’t give cake but i thought this is very nice too! Love how they present it =)

I remember they used to give a scoop of ice cream only & put it in a bowl without much decorating but that was about 2 years ago when i gave my cousin Xin Lian a birthday treat @ Tao’s.

Happy Birthday Christina & may you be blessed with good health, lots of love & all the best in your jewellery business =)

I also got her a birthday present. It’s a cup from Precious Moments as i find it really nice! I also got her a box of green tea so she can start using the new cup. Hee!

I also got a gift from Christina & it’s a Jill Stuart lip gloss which she got it for me during her recent HK trip =)  Thanks! I’ll use it soon…

  • Tao’s Restaurant
  • PoMo (Formerly known as Paradiz Centre)
  • 1 Selegie Road #B1-19
  • Singapore 188306
  • Tel: 6339 8858


It’s another celebration for my brother’s birthday but this time with family =)

Just nice i saw this 1 for 1 promotion for UOB cards @ Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant. And the reviews on hungrygowhere.com were good so i thought worth trying!



Part of the interior. As usual we reach early so it was still kind of empty. Not sure if it’s due to the 1 for 1 promotion but that night the restaurant was about 85% full. I wonder if there’s no promotion, how will the crowd be like.

But i must say i like the ambience. It’s nice!! =)

 Now let me show you some of the buffet spread.


page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

Overall the whole spread is decent even though it’s not a very wide spread. But if there’s no 1 for 1 promotion, i don’t think i’ll come cause rather expensive @ $39++ per pax for dinner buffet.



This restaurant don’t give cake for birthday but instead it’s a coconut with sparkler! Interesting =)

I don’t know why but this year for my brother’s birthday, got quite unique things to replace the cake! Haha… But it’s not so bad after all! 

Anyway Happy Birthday once again! Even though we didn’t get to celebrate before the actual birthday but luckily just in time for the chinese lunar calendar one =)

  • Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant
  • Furama Riverfront , Level 3
  • 405  Havelock Road
  • Tel: 6739 6463

My brother’s actual birthday was on 6th Oct but we couldn’t fix a date for the celebration as all our schedule clash.

So finally on the recent sunday, we went for dim sum together! =)

Even though we will always celebrate our bithdays with parents & grandma, we will still have another celebration on our own! Plus we get to try out something new or our favourite food.

So i did some research & compile a list to show it to my brother & Angeline. After some discussion, a choice was made!


1st venue – Hai Tien Lo @ Pan Pacific Hotel

page 1

That’s me in the lift going all the way up to Level 37! Great view from where we were sitting =)


page 2

The interior is simple & nice. Service wise… They were quite good! By the way, there was the weekend brunch but we didn’t try that cause i’m going for a facial later while both my brother & his gf are going for massage after dim sum so we didn’t want to eat too much.


page 3

page 4

The dim sum selections are not a lot (15 items only) but the quality is there. In total, we had 11 servings of dim sum (but we tried 10 items only but for the siew mai, we order twice).

Overall we like the dim sum here + we get to enjoy a nice view. We spent about 3 hours there! It was nice to enjoy dim sum & chit chat slowly =)



By the way i forgot to request for cake when i made the reservation so they gave my bro this instead! Hee… So cute & nice!

Something different from the usual cakes lah! He was surprised when he saw it & thought the waitress brought out a wrong item. Haha! =)



我们是他背后的女人!!! Haha…. =)  I like this picture with everyone! It’s nice.

So blissful hor!!


page 5


Anyway i thought it was a good idea after all to have the longevity buns. Look & taste good! =)  And it’s also a nice way to bless my brother with good health! Each of us got to enjoy 2 longevity buns & it already makes us very full together with the dim sum.

  • Hai Tien Lo
  • Pan Pacific Hotel , Level 37
  • Tel: 6826 8338



The orchids are so lovely & i just had to take a picture.



I saw this when we were walking to the carpark! OMG… this is so gorgeous! The oriental figurines are so cute looking =)

I really like the whole design, colour & oriental theme.


2nd venue – Arirang Korean Restaurant @ Liang Seah Street


After i’m done with my facial (my brother & Angeline went for body massage) + some shopping @ Inouvi cause there was a sale, we came here for korean bbq dinner =) 

I always walk passed this place whenever i’m @ Ah Chew Desserts. So when my brother & his gf suggested this place, i thought it’s a good idea.


page 6

page 7

We opt for the $19.90++ buffet bbq dinner. It’s really not bad! The bbq meat items that we choose were pretty good.

The only 2 items which i really don’t like are the sour plum drink (taste weird) & also the spicy seafood & beancurd soup. Dessert was ok only but still acceptable.

Soup wise… The ginseng chicken is good! But for this item, each pax can only order 1 time =)




It was really a day well spent with my brother & his gf =)  Started off the day with dim sum which all of us enjoyed, relax during my facial & ended the night with yummy korean bbq.

  • Arirang Korean Restaurant 
  • Liang Seah Street #01-07/08
  • Tel: 6333 0025


Looking forward to the weekend where it be another round of celebration but with family this time. We be trying this indonesian food buffet! There’s this 1 for 1 promotion with UOB cards now & the reviews on hungrygowhere.com seems good so i thought we can give it a try =)

My dear friend Lisi is getting married on this saturday so recently together with the rest of the jie mei & her good friends, we organized a hen’s party for her =)

It’s my first time attending a hen’s party even though it’s the 4th time for me to be a jie mei. So i was quite looking forward to it. Haha!

Anyway there will be quite a lot of pictures so happy viewing!


page 12

All of us met for dinner first @ TCC which was very near to our venue for the hen’s party… Just about 2-3 units away!

I tried this new item “Curry Beef Spaghetti” which is really yummy! Beef was very tender & they fried it well + the curry taste in the sauce = heavenly! =)  Maybe i was hungry too but it’s really not bad… Worth trying!

By the way, you can change it to chicken too if you don’t take beef. But it may be quite spicy (it’s ok for me though) so for those who don’t take spicy food, please take note.


page 2

After dinner, we proceed on to Oohtique to start Lisi hen’s party =)

None of us has been here before so we didn’t know what to expect. Hee!

And we start to play around with the props & took lots of pictures.

By the way, a costume was provided by Oohtique for the bride to be!


page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6

page 7

It was lots of fun with the games & forfeits to be done by the losing team (but the bride has to do more).

The rest were super ON too…. Having crazy fun with silly poses with the range of props & there were lots of laughter. I warm up slowly cause partly i’m not very familiar with most of them. Hee! But the awkward feeling was over very soon… =)

All of us also had a good chat with a drink (it’s included in the package) when we were resting. It was nice to hang out with the girls like this!


page 8

That night was also a special night for Huimei as we were going to celebrate her birthday too!!

Susan & Joey got cakes from Rive Gauche & went to Oohtique earlier to put it first. Look @ Huimei happy face!


Lisi hen's party

All of us had a very enjoyable night @ Oohtique & i hope Lisi had a memorable night. But there’s more to come @ the later part =)

By the way, Michelle (the lady squatting down on the left) was a very good host for that night.


page 9

We shared the cakes together & after we are done, we start to prepare & doll up a bit to proceed on to our next venue. Lisi changed back to her pink dress & we put on the pink fairy wings & tiara for her. The rest of us attached either a gold or silver hat to our hair =)



As each of us are entitled to $25 credit, all of us chose something for ourselves before we leave Oohtique. You can get anything from the shop – lingerie, sex toys, jewellery, etc. If it exceed $25, just top up the balance.

  • Oohtique
  • 50A Circular Road
  • Boat Quay
  • Singapore 049405
  • Tel: 6557 0469



page 10

We walked to The Pump Room for the next round & we prepared some dares for Lisi.

Just nice we bump into another group of girls who were having a hen’s party too. I even bought a condom from the “Hen” for $2 cause there’s one of her dares. Hee!


page 11

It was quite a lot of fun to make Lisi do the dares. When were in Pump Room, there was this group of guys who kept offering to help Lisi do some of the dares. Wahahahaha!! Damn funny…. Suppose to get different people do the dares mah! =)



But no matter how you celebrate a friend hen’s party, it always fun with a group of friends who are really happy for the bride to be. Just relax & have an enjoyable night with everyone.

Now shall count down to Saturday for the Big Day! =)


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