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Today is my dad’s birthday & i wish him good health & may everything be “Shun Shun” (goes smoothly) for him =)

The above picture of the Shou Tao was complimentry from Hua Ting @ Orchard Hotel which was last Sunday when i gave everyone a treat. And since my dad’s birthday was coming, i ask for Shou Tao & i didn’t know the presentation was so nice!!

This year my dad invited the rest of my aunts & their family & i’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner @ Seafood Paradise (Defu Lane)!

I’ve been here once in Jan with my family & you can read about the reviews here. I personally like the food but service may be a bit slow at times as i find them a bit understaffed.

Anyway can’t wait to surprise my dad with the customized cake that i order for him! Hope it turns out nice as it’s the first time i’m ordering from this cake shop.



The customized cake which i got from Yiling Confectionery =)  This design is called the Bao Zhong cake (the big white round thingy is the Bao & Green one is the Dumpling “Zhong Zhi”!!

As for the Shou Tao, i requested them to add in for me (no extra charge) & it looked SO NICE!!!!

It’s very worth spending $82 on such a nice 2kg customized cake & i’m happy that my dad likes the cake!


Once again…. Happy Birthday Dad =)


27th Dec’09

2 months ago my bestie invited me to my god-daughter Penelopy’s 3rd birthday celebration. The venue was @ Ellenborough Market Cafe , Merchant Court Hotel.

Time flies & she has grown so much. And parents nowadays are really doting towards their kids! See the princess outfit on Penelopy… It cost about $60-70+ from Mothercare & it’s from her dad Kenny =)

It even comes with a tiara but i was telling Phy that it looks like something that Wonderwoman was wearing! Haha…


As it was the X’mas month, the menu included some items that’s suits the X’mas theme =)

It’s my first time trying the food @ Ellenborough Market Cafe. Food was pretty decent & i may come back to try the high tea with Christina & Ivy =)


As you can see from Penelopy’s outfit & birthday cake, it’s a princess theme for her lah =)   And she was into Princess Aurora during that month!

Phy got a lovely cake from Bengawan Solo – love the crunchy chocolate bits in the cake!


It’s good that Phy created a list of “What To Buy” items for Penelopy’s birthday presents on her blog & i opt to buy this Disney Princess school bag.

But the bag is a little big for her now so i guess have to wait a while more before she gets to use it. Hee!


I was glad to have some time with Phy alone to have a nice chat when someone was helping to look after Penelopy. Thanks for inviting me to this birthday lunch buffet with all of you =)


2nd Round of Celebration

Dinner was @ my 外婆 house for her birthday celebration & we are having buffet dinner! 2 buffets in 1 day! =)


The 2 little ones are my cousins’ kids & they are so adorable lah =)


 And here is the birthday girl =)  May my 外婆 be blessed with good health & lots of love!

Cause she has pretty bad asthma problems & i hope that will improve for her lah & may there be less conflicts bwtween the children (it all started with 1 of her children… Sianz)

May this world be filled with more & laughters =)


25th Dec’09

Actual day of X’mas is usually spent @ my 4th aunt’s place & i will attend unless i’m overseas for holiday. I think so far it has happened only once or twice! But i’ll always try to stay in S’pore as it’s a time to catch up with everyone =)


Xin Lian & her bf Lester never fails to amaze me with the food that they prepared! 2 great chefs & i was telling Xin Lian that they can open a catering company already! =)

And i like the vege sticks that my 4th aunt always prepared… Goes so well with the home made yummy sauce!!


I didn’t want to keep walking around so fill up my whole plate with food. Looking @ this makes me drool….


And there’s endless supply of food, wine & desserts for all of us!

I simply love such gatherings! =)  CNY is coming & it means another round of reunion with everyone + enjoy yummy food!!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable X’mas celebration with loved ones & friends! For me, it was an awesome month

A week plus ago i went to Seafood Paradise @ Defu Lane for dinner with my family.

I’ve been here once before they were renovated. And today i’m back to try out the food again.


This is the interior of the indoor seats.


I can’t really remember all the names of the dishes but i must say the food here is really good.

Anyway i try to give a short description on the dishes that i’ve tried =)

The above 2 dishes are the Wasabi Prawns & as for the vegetables dish, i can’t remember the actual name! Both are really yummy… Prawns were pretty big & fresh while the stock used for the vegetables was very sweet.


The above picture is Frog Legs with Chicken Essence in it. I tried this before during my first visit. This time some of us find that there isn’t much of chicken essence taste! I find it quite good but can be quite ex! I think this cost about $28. Haha. Anyway for this dish, try to enjoy it while it’s hot!

As for the below picture, i think it’s some Roast Chicken dish. I kind of like it being prepared in this way.


Personally i like to eat crabs but can be quite troublesome when it’s coming to the shell part. But i like how they prepared it @ Seafood Paradise as they cracked the shells pretty well & it comes off easily! *Shiok*

The fish dish should be Cod Fish if i remember correctly. Very fresh! Highly recommended!

And the Orh Nee is here is quite unique. They added almond sauce thingy & for me i can accept the taste mixed with the Orh Nee. I find it pretty nice! But next time i would prefer to share it as i was very FULL after finishing the Orh Nee.

Overall the food & service are pretty good & i would like to come back again.

  • Seafood Paradise @ Defu Lane
  • 91 Defu Lane 10, Swee Hin Building
  • Singapore 539221
  • Tel: 6487 2429


  • Opening Hours:
  • Mon – Sat
    11.00am- 2.30pm (last order at 2.15pm)
    5.30pm – 11.00pm (last order at 10.30pm)
  • Sun & PH
    5.00pm – 11.00pm (last order at 10.30pm)

Free open air limited carpark within building and street parking


Great day to spend the weekend & i started off with high tea @ Equinox with Ivy & Christina =)

My second X’mas celebration!


I just came here in Oct with my bestie but with a kid around, it was really quite hard to enjoy + the duration for high tea @ Equinox is pretty short.

But this time it’s definitely more enjoyable & since it’s my second visit, i can just focus on enjoying the food, have a nice chat with Ivy & Christina & take more pictures with them =)

By the way, they do serve laksa (just beside the pasta live station) for the weekend high tea but it’s on alternate weekend =_=  And it wasn’t available when i went! I heard it’s quite good so for those who are keen to try, maybe can double check when you make the reservation.


Gift exchange – we got something for each other! =)  I gave them each a luggage tag & hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn!

And i got some really yummy chocolates from them! Thanks *hugz*

And thanks for the treat!! =)



Anyway after we settled the bill, we went to the washroom & we end up having some crazy fun together with the photo-taking!! Haha. Christina came to the washroom earlier on & was tellling us that it’s pretty nice.


You will see this when you are going to washroom! I thought it’s kind of nice to display all the various wines, champagnes & liquors. Thanks to Christina for helping me to take such a nice picture!


 A nice group picture together with everyone! =)

Another great high tea (but i just wish it can be longer – @ least 2 hours lah) & i had such an enjoyable time! And thanks to Ivy who also brought her camera, both of us took lots of nice pictures! Those who are in my facebook will get to see the pictures that she tag me =)


Dinner – X’mas Meet Up cum Farewell Dinner For Eva

After i left Raffles City, i took the train down to Yio Chu Kang mrt station where my brother & his gf will come & pick me up then we went on to fetch Eva.

We came to this nice little cafe which my brother found it on hungrygowhere.com! And apparently all of us like the place very much & for once, i’m not going to put the location of this place. Hee!


Because i just had high tea, i didn’t want to eat too much so i order the mussels! Pretty good… Mussels are fresh & i like the sauce very much!

The rest of the dishes are quite nice too! And service is ok so no complaints about this place.


After we are done with dinner, we shifted to this sofa seat that’s just next to us & we ordered some drinks & desserts to try!

Angeline’s hot chocolate looks really good – big serving with big marshmallow! I’m going to try this on my next visit!

Eva & i shared this Rose Beer which i strongly recommend! I’m the kind who don’t drink beer – hate the bitter taste! But this rose beer is good =)

Anyway Eva will be going back to HK soon to be with her hubby & i wish her all the best!

It’s been such a fantastic day! If only everyday can be like this!! Haha.

It started off with shopping @ Metro Paragon =)  Previously there was two 20% sale @ Metro but i wasn’t in a rush to replenish my stuff. So this time i had to go as some of my items are finishing.


Got this lovely pink polka dots luggage as a free gift from Ettusais! =)

Ettusais is 1 makeup brand which i’ve been using for quite long & it’s quite easy to fill up their rewards card after 2-3 purchase + i like their free gifts. Products which i like are the Day Protect Powder & Body Spray!


After i’m done with my shopping, it’s time for lunch & i decide to go to Sushi Tei as i got cravings for the cold ramen =)

It’s the first time for me to be at the counter seats & it’s a nice experience. I get to see part of the kitchen & watch them prepared the food, there were fresh big lobsters in the fish tank & yummy sashimi on display right in front of me!

It was a great lunch for me which consist of my favourite cold ramen & very fresh salmon sashimi =)


Since Takashimaya is just opposite the road, i walked over wanting to take some pictures of the X’mas trees. You will see the Bear X’mas tree when you enter Taka by the main entrance!

As for the Tall X’mas tree which is always @ the same spot (in front of customer service, LV area), not much difference from previous years. Just maybe a  change of colours… But still nice for picture taking though!


On my way to the mrt station, i walk pass Crabtree & Evelyn & this time it’s another 20% sale with POSB/DBS cards. I walked in & see if there’s any new stocks for the Mini Hand Therapy Sampler set as it was sold out during the previous 20% sale.

I was in luck as new stocks have arrived & i quickly grab a box!

By the time i get home, i was kind of tired already. Quickly take a rest before going for dinner @ Nakhon Kitchen with my family.


This time we order some new dishes to try as it’s the first time @ Nakhon Kitchen for my other family members.

Food is still pretty good but for my dad & grandma, they find the food a bit salty. By the way, do order the Clear Seafood Tom Yum Soup… I find it better than the one with coconut milk.

Anyway something weird happened that evening! 

I reach Nakhon Kitchen earlier with my brother & his gf  to get a table as they don’t accept reservations. We managed to get a table immediately as we reach early and my brother called my dad so they can come over to join us.

Strangely, both my brother & i tried calling my dad’s hp & the house number but there was no connection at all. I’m not sure if it apply to Singtel users only! But thankfully my dad decide to come earlier without waiting for our call.

Another 1 – 1 promotion from Women’s Weekly & this time i came to try it with my brother & Angeline =)


This is the interior of the basement level. Very nice & cosy! If Angeline & i didn’t go to the washroom at the basement, i won’t get to see this.


The kitchen


Since we got 2 vouchers, we decide to try 2 pasta & 2 pizza.

For pizza, we tried the Peking Duck & i forgot what’s the other one. Personally i really enjoyed the Peking Duck – firstly i always like the sauce used for Peking Duck and there’s bits & pieces of fried wantan skin! I find it good.

As for pasta, we tried the Ravioli with Mushroom and the other one should be Marinara. It was quite ok =)


It was quite an enjoyable meal with my brother & his gf and it’s nice to take the outdoor seats – weather was quite cooling & i just relax , people watch a bit =)


Since X’mas is approaching & i like to take some pictures of the X’mas trees & decorations.

And we ended the night with some cakes from Mezza9 @ Grand Hyatt!! How to resist the 50% off! =)


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