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2 days before my Tokyo trip in Jan, i met up with Patricia & the rest @ Modesto’s (Orchard Parade Hotel branch) for dinner & also to discuss about the itinerary.


The interior


The complimentry bread & i remembered it was pretty good!

Usually i like to enjoy some bread before my meal =)


Parma ham & rock melon! Nice… Lovely combination! =)


Yummy & huge portion for this Seafood Linguine! Super worth it for the $28++ price tag…… Haha!
  • Modesto’s
  • 1 Tanglin Road
  • #01-09/10 Orchard Parade Hotel
  • Tel: 6235 7808



27th Dec’09

2 months ago my bestie invited me to my god-daughter Penelopy’s 3rd birthday celebration. The venue was @ Ellenborough Market Cafe , Merchant Court Hotel.

Time flies & she has grown so much. And parents nowadays are really doting towards their kids! See the princess outfit on Penelopy… It cost about $60-70+ from Mothercare & it’s from her dad Kenny =)

It even comes with a tiara but i was telling Phy that it looks like something that Wonderwoman was wearing! Haha…


As it was the X’mas month, the menu included some items that’s suits the X’mas theme =)

It’s my first time trying the food @ Ellenborough Market Cafe. Food was pretty decent & i may come back to try the high tea with Christina & Ivy =)


As you can see from Penelopy’s outfit & birthday cake, it’s a princess theme for her lah =)   And she was into Princess Aurora during that month!

Phy got a lovely cake from Bengawan Solo – love the crunchy chocolate bits in the cake!


It’s good that Phy created a list of “What To Buy” items for Penelopy’s birthday presents on her blog & i opt to buy this Disney Princess school bag.

But the bag is a little big for her now so i guess have to wait a while more before she gets to use it. Hee!


I was glad to have some time with Phy alone to have a nice chat when someone was helping to look after Penelopy. Thanks for inviting me to this birthday lunch buffet with all of you =)


2nd Round of Celebration

Dinner was @ my 外婆 house for her birthday celebration & we are having buffet dinner! 2 buffets in 1 day! =)


The 2 little ones are my cousins’ kids & they are so adorable lah =)


 And here is the birthday girl =)  May my 外婆 be blessed with good health & lots of love!

Cause she has pretty bad asthma problems & i hope that will improve for her lah & may there be less conflicts bwtween the children (it all started with 1 of her children… Sianz)

May this world be filled with more & laughters =)


Hi everyone… So sorry for the lack of updates! Been really lazy to update my blog! I don’t know why & it’s must easier to upload & update pictures on my Facebook! Hee… And especially i just got an iphone! It can really get pretty addictive =)


Anyway on 26th Dec, i arrange a gathering with my secondary school friends =)  After voting, most opt for Vivo City so i suggest to have lunch @ Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant since no one has been here before.


We got pretty hungry & attack the food immediately when it was served to us! For this group of friends, i have not seen some of them for quite a long time. During a certain stage, i seems so preoccupied with my own life & i’ve lost touch with some of my dear friends.

So i told myself i don’t want to lose this friendship & got everyone to meet for lunch. And i’m glad we are still the same & chatted happily about those good old days. I think our table were pretty noisy! Haha….


This is what Pauline has – Salmon Papillote.


The rest of us ordered the Arroz Negro (black squid ink paella) to share. We had the bigger portion for 4 pax!

The food was alright but most importantly is the great company! We chatted till we didn’t realised a few hours was over just like that.


We had such a great meet up that we decide to arrange a 鸡脚面 lunch @ our favourite stall which is near our secondary school. All of us learn to appreciate 鸡脚 from here =)  Can’t wait!

After lunch, all of us got different plans so i went to Somerset 313 with Patricia to look Diana who’s getting a jacket from MNG for our Tokyo trip.

And then we went to Cold Storage to get some food for our outdoor movie cum picnic @ The Flyer.


It’s the first time for me to experience an outdoor movie event & i like it. Great cooling weather with great friends & food!

Talking about food…. Look @ what we got!


I simply love the Table Water biscuits & Red Pepper dip! I got SUPER HOOKED on it after i’ve tried it @ my 4th aunt’s place the previous night. Patricia & i like cheese so we got 1 brie cheese to share!

All of us also got our own individual choice of sushi too! I enjoyed my California Rolls! Yum ♥


There were 2 movies that night – Grease & Mamma Mia!


 It’s really nice to spend my day with friends & looking forward to more!

By the way, i would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

Sorry that it’s a late greeting but CNY got 15 days right! Hee.

24th Dec’09

It’s the 3rd celebration for the week & it’s X’mas eve!! =)   This year celebration was held @ Patricia’s bf place & the theme was Pajamas Night Party!!


This is the goodie bag which Patricia & Stefan prepared for everyone =)  It’s really nice & so thoughtful of them!


And i got a surprise when i reach the venue… Haha! See these 2 rabbits!! I call them Xiao Bai & Xiao Hei…. They had different shifts & i saw Xiao Bai on this chair when i arrived. It’s like they were there to welcome the guests =)  So cute…..


Everyone brought something along for the gift exchange!


Look @ the spread & it’s only part of it!! There were some other items in the kitchen too like satay, chicken wings, etc.


I contributed a log cake that night & it’s from Bengawan Solo! Usually i buy from the cake shop which is convenient for me to purchase the log cake due to location and/or time constraint.

Personally i kind of enjoy getting log cake for X’mas parties cause every year i like to see the various designs from the different cake shops =)


It was nice to enjoy the food & chat with everyone in such a relaxed ambience that’s filled with lots of festive mood! =)

And my very thoughtful friend Patricia bought me a gift which is a bag hook! And she’s really very creative… You see the different eye mask in the picture? It’s all hand made by her… =)


I like this picture with Ear Ear!! You are going to see lots of pictures of Ear Ear friends in my Tokyo travel post =)


And we had games for entertainment! Everyone was having fun… And Eileen’s daughter really enjoyed it! =)


That night was also Diana’s birthday! And a friend of her’s that she invited William also shared the same birthday =)

And on that morning @ 10+ , my friend Liqing also gave birth to a X’mas eve baby boy! Oh my…. Lots of X’mas eve babies around me!!


One BIG surprise which i get from this party is to see my primary school friend Peiyan! I find her very familiar when she walked in  =)  It was a very happy & nice reunion with her!


Nice group picture before we go home! Awesome party by Stefan & Patricia =)  Thanks for inviting me & i had lots of fun! Anyway 1 week plus after this party, we went on a great trip to Tokyo together =) 

Great bunch of people to hang out with! We are now planning a meet up soon to go for nice hawker food!! Can’t wait….

Sorry for the lack of updates… I don’t know why but i’m kind of lazy to update my blog + December & January is quite a busy month for me when it comes to gatherings + travel.

Anyway let’s continue with my X’mas gatherings! =)

It’s the second meet up for the week & this time it’s with my friends from ITE. Even though i was there for only a year, i’m glad i managed to meet some really nice friends.

For this gatherings, quite a few couldn’t make it =_=  I hope the attendance for the next one will be better lah.


It’s good that the venue was @ Magdelene’s place as she got 2 young kids so it may be hard for her to enjoy herself if she bring both kids out.


And being @ someone’s house, everyone is more comfy & just enjoy the food & do some catching up with friends.


Sarah is such a sweet girl… Had fun playing with her! Her baby brother was resting so i didn’t take a picture of him but he has grown so much! And if i’m not wrong, he’s just a few months old & he’s pretty big size already =)

Will definitely try to take a picture when i see Baby Sean next time! Hee…

Looking forward to see Magdelene & Judy during CNY =)  Judy is back from Australia for a visit & we be meeting up! Haven’t seen Judy for quite long so i’m looking forward to it.

Starting from this gathering, it was going to be a whole week filled X’mas meet ups with friends & loved ones. But i’m not complaining =)

Anyway this gathering is with my secondary school mates – Peishan & Rosane! =)  Ellena can’t make it cause she’s busy =_=

Anyway i suggest to have dinner @ Tea Cosy & i’m glad everyone likes this place! =)  Let me show you the food that we tried.


We ordered a salad to share first & we tried this Tofu Salad! It’s pretty refreshing & light… Very healthy choice!

As for main course, Rosane had the Bangers & Mash while Peishan had Prawn Pasta Aglio Olio.


As for me, i tried the Braised Duck Pasta & it’s really nice! I wonder what they add to the sauce… Really yummy!

Generally i enjoyed the main course @ Tea Cosy! And i’m planning to come back here with my cousins Xin Lian & Gladys when i’m back from my Japan trip.


We like the place so much that we order cakes & tea to share while we continue our catching up session.


It was a lovely meet up with everyone! No awkward moments @ all even though i’ve not seen them for quite long =) Love you girls *hugz*

And i’m really glad all of you take the effort to make it for this gathering. I hope Ellena can join us for the next one!

Initally i just want to help Wenhui get some discount @ Robinsons with my card but end up i join her & her 2 sisters for their X’mas outing.


We arranged to meet up @ 313 Somerset & since i reach earlier, i decide to walk around & explore the new place. And i saw this nice Macaron X’mas tree @ The Icing Room!

When everyone arrived, we went to KFC for lunch first & then we walked around the new shopping mall =)  Then it’s off to Cineleisure to get the tickets for “The Princess & The Frog”!

While we were in the queue, i got some yummy yogurt from Frolick to share with everyone!


And it’s time for more shopping as everyone wants to do more X’mas shopping for gift exchange, etc. And Takashimaya is the best place to go cause i like the idea that they do complimentry gift wrapping regardless of the amount you spent as long as the purchase is @ Taka!

And every year they have different colours & theme for their wrappers! It just makes me look forward to X’mas & see what kind of design they have! =)


While the rest are doing the X’mas shopping, i went to the basement & came to Swiss Bake to get them something =)  You will get to see what it is in the next picture! Hee.









We ended the shopping part @ Robinsons Centrepoint where i help Wenhui get some discount for the baby stuff that she wanted to get. Then it’s off for a quick break @ Toast Box before we go to Cineleisure to watch the movie.


I got them each a star shaped cookie with various Santa designs on it! I think Swiss Bake has the nicest designs among all that i’ve seen. I ♥ the cute design so much!


After movie, Wenli has to leave first so i went to Xin Wang HK Cafe with Wenhui & Wenya for dinner & window shop a bit before we go home.

But before we go to the mrt station, i suggest to take a picture with Santa @ 313 Somerset as there was complimentry photo-taking & they even print out the picture for you =)

They managed to take a nice one with my camera too!

It was really a nice outing with these 3 sisters =)  I only got to know Wenli & Wenya better during Wenhui’s wedding but they are such nice & easy-going people & i’m glad to have them as my friends! 


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