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Hi everyone… So sorry for the lack of updates! Been really lazy to update my blog! I don’t know why & it’s must easier to upload & update pictures on my Facebook! Hee… And especially i just got an iphone! It can really get pretty addictive =)


Anyway on 26th Dec, i arrange a gathering with my secondary school friends =)  After voting, most opt for Vivo City so i suggest to have lunch @ Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant since no one has been here before.


We got pretty hungry & attack the food immediately when it was served to us! For this group of friends, i have not seen some of them for quite a long time. During a certain stage, i seems so preoccupied with my own life & i’ve lost touch with some of my dear friends.

So i told myself i don’t want to lose this friendship & got everyone to meet for lunch. And i’m glad we are still the same & chatted happily about those good old days. I think our table were pretty noisy! Haha….


This is what Pauline has – Salmon Papillote.


The rest of us ordered the Arroz Negro (black squid ink paella) to share. We had the bigger portion for 4 pax!

The food was alright but most importantly is the great company! We chatted till we didn’t realised a few hours was over just like that.


We had such a great meet up that we decide to arrange a 鸡脚面 lunch @ our favourite stall which is near our secondary school. All of us learn to appreciate 鸡脚 from here =)  Can’t wait!

After lunch, all of us got different plans so i went to Somerset 313 with Patricia to look Diana who’s getting a jacket from MNG for our Tokyo trip.

And then we went to Cold Storage to get some food for our outdoor movie cum picnic @ The Flyer.


It’s the first time for me to experience an outdoor movie event & i like it. Great cooling weather with great friends & food!

Talking about food…. Look @ what we got!


I simply love the Table Water biscuits & Red Pepper dip! I got SUPER HOOKED on it after i’ve tried it @ my 4th aunt’s place the previous night. Patricia & i like cheese so we got 1 brie cheese to share!

All of us also got our own individual choice of sushi too! I enjoyed my California Rolls! Yum ♥


There were 2 movies that night – Grease & Mamma Mia!


 It’s really nice to spend my day with friends & looking forward to more!

By the way, i would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

Sorry that it’s a late greeting but CNY got 15 days right! Hee.



Merry Christmas everyone!! =) 

I simply love this festive month & i’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner at my 4th aunt’s place.

But now i’m relaxing , enjoying my bowl of mee pok & a nice cup of hot coffee while i’m updating my blog.

Anyway i shall write about the gathering that i had with my secondary school friends. This time it was held at Vincent & Wileen’s place.

On that day, Liqing & Andrew were very nice to offer to come & pick me up. But we were almost 2 hours late (if i remember correctly). Haha! But it’s for a good reason… Cause Liqing has to let Baby Clarice get enough sleep first & when she wakes up then she can leave the house =)


And i was greeted by this cutie when i got onto the car =)  Clarice is 8 mths old now! I’ve not seen her for a few months & she has grown so much.


Another cutie is Penelopy!  I was surprised that she likes the cookie =)

It was good that Wileen’s place is very well equipped with lots of toys as Penelopy was enjoying herself. That’s the advantage when you go to friends place who have kids (it’s Wileen’s SIL kids).

By the way, no pics of the food as i was so hungry when i reach Wileen’s place. Hee. But the food that she has ordered was pretty good & there was desserts too – chin chow & brownie with ice cream!


I got this mango log cake for everyone & i managed to take some pictures when Vincent took it out. So happened i was walking around taking pictures so timing was just nice.



It was great to do some catching up with everyone! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their X’mas celebrations =)  Hugz!!

2 nights ago met up with Jeremy & the rest and we came to this newly open cafe =)  One of the owners Andrew is Jeremy & Michelle’s friend.


The lower bottom picture is how the place looks like when you enter the cafe.


Take the stairs to go to the upper level and u will be greeted with a nice cosy feel of the place. I like the fact that they have lots of cushions and board games are also provided. And can watch TV too! =)

We were having fun playing Monopoly =)

And how can we go without food!


Part of the menu


Some of the food that we had. We ordered quite a few recommended dishes by Andrew. Overall it’s not bad except for the Balls O’ Fire (right pic) which is kind of salty. We also had Texas Egg Roll , Chicken Quesadillas , Cheese Fries , Carbonara , Fish & Chips & another fried chicken dish (looks like fish & chips but it’s chicken meat inside) and the honey mustard dip is pretty good! =)  Not sure if i missed out any dishes as my memory power is pretty bad. Hee

Drinks wise, the Dutch Mocha Mint Latte that i had was alright only. But i like the drink that my brother was having – Frosty Fruity (If i rem correctly). This is good and the taste reminds me of my Bali trip where they serve similar smoothie to Jeannie & i everyday during our stay in Sep =)


Anyway it was a fun night out with everyone! And time passes very quickly when you are enjoying yourselves =) 

If you enjoy having a meal + board games with friends, do pay here a visit.

And during our 2 1/2 hrs stay, there’s always customers coming in and it’s not too bad for a monday night =) 

  • People Like Us Hangout Cafe
  • 1G Yio Chu Kang Road
  • (S) 545513
  • Tel: 6289 5286
  • Mon-Thurs & PH: 3pm-12am
  • Fri-Sat & Eve Of PH: 3pm-2am
  • Sun:  11am-12am


P.S: If  u know where is the 717 durian cake shop (Highland Centre branch), this cafe is just opposite the road. See the coffeeshop and you walk down a bit more and you will see the cafe =)

If you drive, can just park at Kovan Centre & it’s just $1 per entry.

Today is a public holiday and we were praying to my grandpa (his death anniversary) so got everyone to come back for lunch =)

It’s been quite a while since our last gathering. And my mum will usually get busy a few days in advance to prepare the ingredients =)  And everyone loves what she cooks. Hee!

Look at the spread!

I luv bee hoon =)  I was so delighted to see a huge portion of this.

Yummy curry! It’s a must have dish lah =)

My mum is very good at frying this dish =)  A favourite with everyone.

It’s great to have everyone with us and do some catching up over a good meal =)  Looking forward to the next one in November for my grandma birthday celebration.

Tanx mummy for cooking such a yummy meal for everyone! “Xin Ku Ni Le” =) 


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