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Starting from this gathering, it was going to be a whole week filled X’mas meet ups with friends & loved ones. But i’m not complaining =)

Anyway this gathering is with my secondary school mates – Peishan & Rosane! =)  Ellena can’t make it cause she’s busy =_=

Anyway i suggest to have dinner @ Tea Cosy & i’m glad everyone likes this place! =)  Let me show you the food that we tried.


We ordered a salad to share first & we tried this Tofu Salad! It’s pretty refreshing & light… Very healthy choice!

As for main course, Rosane had the Bangers & Mash while Peishan had Prawn Pasta Aglio Olio.


As for me, i tried the Braised Duck Pasta & it’s really nice! I wonder what they add to the sauce… Really yummy!

Generally i enjoyed the main course @ Tea Cosy! And i’m planning to come back here with my cousins Xin Lian & Gladys when i’m back from my Japan trip.


We like the place so much that we order cakes & tea to share while we continue our catching up session.


It was a lovely meet up with everyone! No awkward moments @ all even though i’ve not seen them for quite long =) Love you girls *hugz*

And i’m really glad all of you take the effort to make it for this gathering. I hope Ellena can join us for the next one!



Recently on Christmas Day that night, my cousin Yiqi appeared on tv again! I’m glad that his shop has been getting quite a lot of media exposure & i hope everyone will try to get more knowledge about going green =)

Do show some support & pay him a visit @ his shop located @ 26A Sago Street!

A week plus ago i went to Seafood Paradise @ Defu Lane for dinner with my family.

I’ve been here once before they were renovated. And today i’m back to try out the food again.


This is the interior of the indoor seats.


I can’t really remember all the names of the dishes but i must say the food here is really good.

Anyway i try to give a short description on the dishes that i’ve tried =)

The above 2 dishes are the Wasabi Prawns & as for the vegetables dish, i can’t remember the actual name! Both are really yummy… Prawns were pretty big & fresh while the stock used for the vegetables was very sweet.


The above picture is Frog Legs with Chicken Essence in it. I tried this before during my first visit. This time some of us find that there isn’t much of chicken essence taste! I find it quite good but can be quite ex! I think this cost about $28. Haha. Anyway for this dish, try to enjoy it while it’s hot!

As for the below picture, i think it’s some Roast Chicken dish. I kind of like it being prepared in this way.


Personally i like to eat crabs but can be quite troublesome when it’s coming to the shell part. But i like how they prepared it @ Seafood Paradise as they cracked the shells pretty well & it comes off easily! *Shiok*

The fish dish should be Cod Fish if i remember correctly. Very fresh! Highly recommended!

And the Orh Nee is here is quite unique. They added almond sauce thingy & for me i can accept the taste mixed with the Orh Nee. I find it pretty nice! But next time i would prefer to share it as i was very FULL after finishing the Orh Nee.

Overall the food & service are pretty good & i would like to come back again.

  • Seafood Paradise @ Defu Lane
  • 91 Defu Lane 10, Swee Hin Building
  • Singapore 539221
  • Tel: 6487 2429


  • Opening Hours:
  • Mon – Sat
    11.00am- 2.30pm (last order at 2.15pm)
    5.30pm – 11.00pm (last order at 10.30pm)
  • Sun & PH
    5.00pm – 11.00pm (last order at 10.30pm)

Free open air limited carpark within building and street parking


Initally i just want to help Wenhui get some discount @ Robinsons with my card but end up i join her & her 2 sisters for their X’mas outing.


We arranged to meet up @ 313 Somerset & since i reach earlier, i decide to walk around & explore the new place. And i saw this nice Macaron X’mas tree @ The Icing Room!

When everyone arrived, we went to KFC for lunch first & then we walked around the new shopping mall =)  Then it’s off to Cineleisure to get the tickets for “The Princess & The Frog”!

While we were in the queue, i got some yummy yogurt from Frolick to share with everyone!


And it’s time for more shopping as everyone wants to do more X’mas shopping for gift exchange, etc. And Takashimaya is the best place to go cause i like the idea that they do complimentry gift wrapping regardless of the amount you spent as long as the purchase is @ Taka!

And every year they have different colours & theme for their wrappers! It just makes me look forward to X’mas & see what kind of design they have! =)


While the rest are doing the X’mas shopping, i went to the basement & came to Swiss Bake to get them something =)  You will get to see what it is in the next picture! Hee.









We ended the shopping part @ Robinsons Centrepoint where i help Wenhui get some discount for the baby stuff that she wanted to get. Then it’s off for a quick break @ Toast Box before we go to Cineleisure to watch the movie.


I got them each a star shaped cookie with various Santa designs on it! I think Swiss Bake has the nicest designs among all that i’ve seen. I ♥ the cute design so much!


After movie, Wenli has to leave first so i went to Xin Wang HK Cafe with Wenhui & Wenya for dinner & window shop a bit before we go home.

But before we go to the mrt station, i suggest to take a picture with Santa @ 313 Somerset as there was complimentry photo-taking & they even print out the picture for you =)

They managed to take a nice one with my camera too!

It was really a nice outing with these 3 sisters =)  I only got to know Wenli & Wenya better during Wenhui’s wedding but they are such nice & easy-going people & i’m glad to have them as my friends! 

May everyone have a blessed Christmas & a Happy New Year! =)


Last month when i meet Wenhui for dinner @ Marmalade Pantry, i already suggested to her that we can come to Ootoya @ Orchard Central for our X’mas meet up =)

I was quite excited about coming here for dinner as i heard lots of positive reviews about Ootoya!


At Ootoya, they don’t accept reservations so it’s best to go earlier if you can. And i thought by reaching at 6.30pm should be fine but it turns out to be quite packed already.

Luckily there were 2 counter seats that’s @ the entrance & we don’t mind so we get to sit down immediately! Hee.


One interesting thing @ Ootoya is that they will state the level of calories for every dish! =)   But i was more engrossed in choosing what to eat & i decide to try this Sweet & Sour Chicken set!

Oh my… It’s really good including the vegetables! I think the vinegar that they used is quite special & the taste is nice & appetizing!

And good news for those who loves rice…. It’s free flow!


We wanted to take a picture together but due to the seating arrangement, we had to turn to the back & somehow the effect turns out nicely!


We saw this tall X’mas tree @ Orchard Central when we were about to leave so we just had to take one picture since it’s the X’mas season!

By now, Wenhui’s tummy is getting bigger already & i’m looking forward to see the little one =)

We walked around @ OG & Robinsons as Wenhui wants to look @ some baby stuff since she can start stocking up already. Even i myself start to look around for suitable gift already – i enjoy shopping for babies & little kids =)


We ended the night @ TCC Centrepoint with some nice drinks & we have the gift exchange!! And we got something for each other from Takashimaya ♥♥♥

Wenhui got me a nice braclet & coin purse while i got her this Winnie The Pooh towel set.

By the way, i must talk about the drink that i had! They have 2 specials for the X’mas season & i tried the latte. I love the chocolate X’mas tree shape thingy – it’s very nice!!

Another great X’mas meet up with my dear friend =)  I really treasure all my meet up with Wenhui now cause from next April onwards, she won’t have much free time to come out so often as she be busy with her baby!

Great day to spend the weekend & i started off with high tea @ Equinox with Ivy & Christina =)

My second X’mas celebration!


I just came here in Oct with my bestie but with a kid around, it was really quite hard to enjoy + the duration for high tea @ Equinox is pretty short.

But this time it’s definitely more enjoyable & since it’s my second visit, i can just focus on enjoying the food, have a nice chat with Ivy & Christina & take more pictures with them =)

By the way, they do serve laksa (just beside the pasta live station) for the weekend high tea but it’s on alternate weekend =_=  And it wasn’t available when i went! I heard it’s quite good so for those who are keen to try, maybe can double check when you make the reservation.


Gift exchange – we got something for each other! =)  I gave them each a luggage tag & hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn!

And i got some really yummy chocolates from them! Thanks *hugz*

And thanks for the treat!! =)



Anyway after we settled the bill, we went to the washroom & we end up having some crazy fun together with the photo-taking!! Haha. Christina came to the washroom earlier on & was tellling us that it’s pretty nice.


You will see this when you are going to washroom! I thought it’s kind of nice to display all the various wines, champagnes & liquors. Thanks to Christina for helping me to take such a nice picture!


 A nice group picture together with everyone! =)

Another great high tea (but i just wish it can be longer – @ least 2 hours lah) & i had such an enjoyable time! And thanks to Ivy who also brought her camera, both of us took lots of nice pictures! Those who are in my facebook will get to see the pictures that she tag me =)


Dinner – X’mas Meet Up cum Farewell Dinner For Eva

After i left Raffles City, i took the train down to Yio Chu Kang mrt station where my brother & his gf will come & pick me up then we went on to fetch Eva.

We came to this nice little cafe which my brother found it on hungrygowhere.com! And apparently all of us like the place very much & for once, i’m not going to put the location of this place. Hee!


Because i just had high tea, i didn’t want to eat too much so i order the mussels! Pretty good… Mussels are fresh & i like the sauce very much!

The rest of the dishes are quite nice too! And service is ok so no complaints about this place.


After we are done with dinner, we shifted to this sofa seat that’s just next to us & we ordered some drinks & desserts to try!

Angeline’s hot chocolate looks really good – big serving with big marshmallow! I’m going to try this on my next visit!

Eva & i shared this Rose Beer which i strongly recommend! I’m the kind who don’t drink beer – hate the bitter taste! But this rose beer is good =)

Anyway Eva will be going back to HK soon to be with her hubby & i wish her all the best!

It’s been such a fantastic day! If only everyday can be like this!! Haha.


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